Sandy's Ames, Iowa

Sandy's 218 Welch, Ames, Iowa

Hey, I was just going over some old stuff and I stumbled upon my Freshman Year Dorm Wing picture from Iowa State in Ames.

My wing was Godfrey House in Friley Hall. Sandy's was across the street.

I thought you would get a kick out of this old nostalgia picture.

I'm in the front row sippin' on a shake. That was a crazy bunch of guys.

Tom Olson

Sandy's outstanding architect was Mr. Bob Armstrong. He was the sole designer of all Sandy's legendary buildings. He was part owner of Ames, Iowa Sandy's which lead to the creation of this page. His son, Bob Armstrong Jr. graciously provides a glimpse into the life of his legendary father.

My Dad was the architect for the Sandy's chain. It seemed like I hardly knew my Dad in my really early youth since "Armie" traveled all over the country putting up new stores. My mother, Lee Anna designed the first Sandy girl logo and the Sandy's type logo. We traveled all over the midwest for new store openings, my sisters dressed in their scottish lassie outfits, me in my plaid sportcoat that our Grandma Faye made for us. Wow, what stories! Even our dog's name was Sandy!

3/12/1969. The following is a snapshot of the birth of Sandy's at 218 Welch Avenue in Ames, Iowa.

Dear Dean,

I enjoyed very much visiting with you on the phone earlier this week. I particularly appreciated your helpful offer to contact your correspondant bank or banks regarding assistance in the financing of our Sandy's Drive-In to be located in Ames.

My partner in this operation is Mr. Robert Armstrong of Kewanee, Illinois, who has been head architect for the franchise since its inception. He also has a financial interest in several Sandy's located in various parts of the country. I have asked Mr. Armstrong to visit with you on his next trip to Ames.

We estimate our cash requirements are as follows:

$ 45,000 property at 317 Welch

80,000 Building and lot

30,000 Sign, Mgt. training, inventory, franchise fee, operating capital, equipment, etc.


$155,000 Total

You will recall that initially I talked of our attempting to borrow $125,000 with Mr. Armstrong and myself supplying the $30,000. Any loan to be supported by a corporate resolution and personal signature by Mr. Armstrong and myself.

On March 1st (1969) we purchased the property at 317 Welch for $45,000, paid $19,080.21 in cash, assumed the existing $30,369.52 mortgage and deposited the $919.79 remaining cash in your bank. He have also invested $5,000 in our franchise.

Obviously, there is much more specific information needed by you which we will be more than happy to supply. Hopefully this letter might serve as a starting point prior to Mr. Armstrong's upcoming visit.

Thanks again for all of your help as we are most anxious and hopeful of securing the needed capital from your bank.

Most cordially,

Carl Madsen

Special thanks to Phil from Dubuque for this outstanding Ames, Iowa Sandy's advertisement. Notice the last generation Sandy's building and sign! This Sandy's was unique as it offered a new Sidewalk Cafe complete with umbrellas!

If you have any memorabilia, pictures or stories of Sandy's in Ames, Iowa or elsewhere, please email me!