Sandy's Belleville, Illinois

Sandy's Belleville, Illinois

We have a Sandy's building in Belleville, Illinois (on the Belt Line).

Prior to buying into Sandy's, Cosmo Rosciglione (who in addition to being owner is listed as manager of the Belleville location on both the 1968 and 1973 Sandy's directories) and his family owned a small eatery/soda fountain called the Green Teapot.

He was definitely an entrepeneur type but with hard working values which made this Sandy's a success. The Green Teapot was known for selling burgers "by the sack" so it was a natural progression to branch into Sandy's.

Mr Rosciglione and his whole family were involved in store operations. Tony was the oldest girl and graduated from Notre Dame High School in 1968. The building has been remodeled but the classic Sandy's architectural outline is still there!

Unlike many Sandy's, the location was not near the high schools and was never a hangout for the kids. I always considered it a notch above Burger Chef and McDonald's.

Mr. Rosciglione was a friendly man and highly thought of in the Belleville community and would welcome all. The Burger Chef and McDonalds were miles away on the other side of this town of about 35,000. As with many other Sandy's cities, we also had a Henry's franchise here at one time.

from - A (former) kid from the neighborhood.

02/23/2009... Sandy's fan Troy Smith wrote;

This one was a bit interesting. It was pretty obvious that Hardee's had taken this one over, but what is odd is that, usually Hardee's are rectangular, but this one looked like an even sided square! It has been sitting vacant for some time, but I almost expected (from it being so square) that I might see some Sandy's wooden beams when I peeked through the window....unfortunately, it was not the case. They had been removed long ago. I would still have to say that building was an original Sandy's, masked by a brick and mortar facade. You be the judge.

Notice the wooden wall dividing railing on the right hand side. This was typical of Sandy's buidings in the early 1970's. It is probably a Hardees railing placed there after a re-do sometime after 1973 but Sandy's is where the idea came from. Also, notice the seating and trash can - they appear to be typical mid 1970's Hardees design.

If you follow the right hand wall, past the counter is a support. It would be interesting to know what is behind that facade. I suspect that it is one of the original Sandy's beams. Perhaps this section, the dining area, was added onto after the Hardees buy-out.

10/04/2009 ..

There is no doubt in my mind that the Sandy's-turned-Hardee's in Belleville, IL is an original with a remodel. Check the roof lines. I have added arrows to indicate them, along with the possible spots where the roof beams and Sandy's front sign posts meet. - Troy Smith