Sandy's Bloomington Illinois

Sandy's Bloomington Illinois

Sandy's in Bloomington Illinois was location #6 and was located at 1240 E. Empire. It remained Sandy's after the Hardees buy-out in 1973. Hardees actually opened in Bloomington while Sandy's was still operating as Sandy's and were in competition with each other on opposite sides of town!

Sandy's fan Mark Fagerburg remembers Sandy's in Bloomington.

I used to go to the Sandy's on E. Empire in Bloomington, IL all the time. They changed to Bucky's then Arbys, which they still are. I wish Sandy's was still around. Best fries, Shakes and Hi-Lo's and tenderloins.

09/12/2007 ... Sandy's fan Jenny writes:

When i was growing up, I prefered Sandy's to McDonald's or even Mr. Quick. My favorite sandwich was Sandy's pork tenderloin sandwiches. I'd love to be able to taste that again. I grew up in Bloomington, Il.

12/26/2008 ... Sandy's fan Tim Steinke wrote;

I worked briefly at Sandys on E. Empire in Bloomington, Illinois in 1968. I also worked at Mr. Quick on E. Washington in Bloomington in 1966. ------Tim Steinke

02/08/2009 ... Sandy's fan Troy Smith writes;

As I suspected, the original Bloomington Sandy's is still standing and operating as an Arby's! Sadly, the trademark beams are gone, but oddly, the interior is still somewhat reminiscent of the original building. I couldn't get very good shots of the interior, but it was definitely more Sandy's/Bucky's than Arby's. They did a pretty decent job of renovating the building. It should be standing for several more years. Although it has been renovated, the classic lines of the roof wings can be seen from under the new facade (see photo below).

Attached are several photos. For convenience, I also attached the Bucky's picture we discussed before. You can easily see that this Arby's was indeed the Bloomington Sandy's Bucky's and not Decatur. Check out the same power lines! I tried to get the shot from the same spot, I think I got pretty close.

03/01/2009 ... Sandy's fan Shawn Call writes;

Itís looks like the listing for this location was removed in the 1978 Bloomington/Normal (Illinois) City Directory. Today this location lives on as an Arbyís. As you can see in the photos, it has the distinctive shape. Unfortunately, the inside of the building is thoroughly remolded and does not have any visible beams.

04/28/2009 ...

After snapping some shots today of Sandy's building in Normal, Illinois, I swung by the public library in Bloomington and found a couple of ads in the city phone directory. They were in some old phonebooks and are of Sandy's ads from '68 and '71, and also there was a neat Bucky's ad from 1978, all for the Bloomington location on Empire.



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