Sandy's Canton Illinois

Sandy's Canton, Illinois

Sandy's fan Glen Woodcock remembers Sandy's in Canton, Illinois!

I am 43 years old now and I remember when myself and my seven brothers and sisters would go with our parents in our station wagon to Sandys at Canton (Fulton County), Illinois after we went swimming at the local Big Creek Park swimming pool. Sandy's was really popular and a lot of kids would stop by on their way home from the pool. This was between 1968 and 1975 when Sandy's was located in Canton Illinois. Sandy's employeed a lot of the Canton High School kids as well. I still run into people who tell me that they were working there while going to school.

I remember walking into Sandy's with my parents and ordering cheeseburgers, french fries, hamburgers, milkshakes and sodas on weekend afternoons. I also remember the menu up on the wall. I also enjoyed how you could see the employees cooking the hamburgers on the grills. With seven kids to feed, Sandy's provided a price we could afford. I also remember how the cheeseburgers were 50 cents. A lot has changed since then. Cheeseburgers cost more now and that was the time of 35 cents for a gallon of gas!

Sandy's was probably one of the first fast food restaurants in Canton. The location stood on the corner of North and Main. I believe that it opened in 1968 or perhaps 1969. Presently there is a Hardees restaurant in that location. I believe that the building is the original Sandy's building but remodeled to look like a Hardees. A lot of people here in Canton still have memories of Sandy's. It was probably here until around 1977.

08/06/2008 ... Sandys fan Glen Phillips remembers Sandy's in Canton!

Hello, Just recently my wife and I got together with some friends and started reminiscing about the places we use to eat as kids. The first spot that we both came up with was Sandy's Drive-In.

I grew up in Canton, Illinois and she grew up in Peoria, Illinois. She was talking about how she walked from her home on Gift Aveue to the Sandy's on Loucks with her neighborhood friends. She remembered going during COKE HOUR, when you could get a large coke for the price of a small between like 2:30-4:30 p.m. She also came from a big family and would be treated to a small hamburger and fries once a month after grocery shopping.

I mentioned how my parents treated me to the BIG SCOTT every couple of weeks. We lived within a block and walked with dad to pick up supper. The more I thought about it, I could almost taste the BIG SCOTT sauce. I know sometimes you can locate recipes for items fixed in restaurants. I had some time this afternoon and decided to hunt for the sauce recipe. That is how I ran across your article on the Decatur Sandy's. I found a picture of the burger and read where you mentioned remembering the sauce recipe. There is nothing that compares with its taste. I know Hardees has tried to be Sandy's replacement, but it cannot fill its shoes.

Also a Sandy's Fan! Glen Phillips

06/06/2009 ... Sandy's fan Mark Brown wrote;

I was just speaking of sandy’s and I was born in 1960 and glad that someone remembers this place. I was at my first sandy’s in canton, Illinois and then davenport Iowa. Thanks for the archive!!!!!

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