Sandy's Champaign, Illinois

Sandy's Champaign, Illinois

01/09/2009 ... Sandy's fan Troy Smith found Sandy's Champaign, Illinois building still standing as of January, 2009 and provides pictures to prove it!

Champaign, IL -- 315 East John -- Opened on Campus in 1973 as Sandy's; converted within the next year to Hardees; now up for sale. This late opening makes it a later generation building, as can be seen from the photos. Odd also, because of the way it's tucked in between two other buildings. Not exactly traditional. Not as exciting as original Sandy's architecture, but nice to capture it.

The color change and building additions can't hide Sandy's!

Compare the current pictures of Champaign Sandy's to the 1972 Maquoketa, Iowa Sandy's picture (below). You can clearly see the roof outline as well as the rectangular build-out of this 4th generation Sandy's!!!

If you have any memorabilia, pictures or stories of Sandy's in Champaign, Illinois or elsewhere, please email me!Thank you again to the Owen's for this incredible page!