Sandy's Cincinnati, Ohio

Sandy's Cincinnati, Ohio

Dan Rieskamp has just joined the legends club on this site. Not only has he discovered one of the Sandy's powerful Ohio locations which did not switch to Hardees in 1973, he has also provided color pictures of Andy's which was the owner's way of preserving his incredible Sandy's location!!!! Known as the Glenway location which was Sandy's #27, it was soon followed by a sister Cincinnati location on Beechmont which was store #28. Beechmont appears to have closed before 1973 but amazingly Glenway Sandy's continued basically as Sandy's all the way into 1982 under a different name!

Thanks for your Web Site and the memories of HiLos; Big Scots, French fries, Shakes, and good times! Sandy’s opened in 1961 and closed in 1982. The restaurant was located at the corner of Muddy Creek and Glenway Avenues on the west side of town in Cincinnati, Ohio.

I lived right down the street from Sandy’s and attended school and church at Our Lady of Lourdes just across the street from the restaurant. As a matter of fact, Hilos were sold at the church festival until just two years ago (2003)! The former manager, along with and his wife and son, also former employees of Sandy’s, made and served the Hilos! Hilos are also served up at the local High School Football games and other sporting events! I think I can make a pretty good Hilo myself now using Butternut Burger Buns, Tone’s onions, and American cheese slices!

My dad brought me and my family to Sandy’s when I was a kid and my Uncle Norm used to bring hamburgers to the house. If you dyed your hair green on Saint Patrick’s Day, you could have all the hamburgers that you could eat! I remember my oldest brother Bernie sending me down to Sandy’s to get him some food and eating about half of the fries on the way home! He asked me if I had lost some fries on the way back but he knew just what had happened when he saw the smile on my face!

The manager changed the name of Sandy’s to Andy’s during the “Hardee’s takeover time” to avoid a lawsuit. Sandy’s closed in 1982 and has since become a lot for Christmas trees, used cars, and more recently, a bank. Sandy’s Hamburgers! Good food! Good times! Good memories! - Dan Rieskamp

Thanks to Sandy's fan Chuck Engel, please enjoy this conversation with legendary Sandy's owner Mike Naseef!

Mr. Mike Naseef is a Sandy's hero and legend. He not only had the Glenway Sandy's Cincinatti location, he kept it Sandy's after the Hardees merger in 1973. There were already some Hardees in the Cincinatti area and there was friction with Hardees when Mr. Naseef decided to stay Sandy's since his location was dominating their locations in sales. He decided not to go with Hardees and to avoid copyright infringement he decided to take the "S" off of Sandy's and so the location became Andy's!

I was born and raised in Kewanee, Illinois. We heard that Sandy's was opening up two stores in Cincinatti. Gene Wymer was a very good friend of mine and they wanted him to manage one of the stores. He knew that they were looking for another manager and he let me know. I went to them and they decided to give me the other store. So I sold out my grocery business and trained for a couple of weeks at Ted Vlahos' Moline location in 1961. Then I took my wife and two sons to Cincinatti and we have been here ever since. It was really tough at first to get the place going but after I put a lot of hard work into it, we had one of the most profitable Sandy's in the entire chain!

When the fish sandwich first came in, Moline was the first location to have it and we were probably the third or fourth. Sandy's originally did not want us to have them because they deviated from the menu but what a classic Sandy's item it became! When I put it into the Glenway location it really helped us here because Cincinatti has a heavy Catholic population. 80% are Catholic here so we would sell 1,500 to 2,000 fish sandwiches on a Friday in about two hours!

Our location was right next to Our Lady of Lord's school and it became incredibly popular with the school kids. They would come over during their lunch hour but eventually the school would not let them come any more because it was hurting business at the school cafeteria! That was o.k., we did not cause trouble with the school and never said a word about it.

Andy's stayed in business as a walk-up location and remained one until December of 1982 when the owner of the property increased the rent dramatically. Mr. Naseef was already paying the rent, taxes and insurance on the building and made the stand that he was not going to go along with his rent being doubled. The owner perhaps thought he was bluffing but he was not, thus ending an incredible twenty year run.

Mr. Naseef explains that even though he has been out of business for twenty-four years now, he still has people in Cincinatti come up to him and tell him that he had the best hamburgers in town. We did not have indoor seating which did not bother me at all. Unfortunately the trend was to have indoor seating and it would have taken $40,000 to $50,000 to upgrade the building whether if we wanted to or not. We knew we had to do it. With the landlord problems it would have been a bad investment.

After we had closed, people were always still talking about the Hi-Lo's, Sandy's double-decker burger. My son started having a Hi-Lo booth at football games and eventually our church came to us and asked if we would put the booth up for them at fund raisers. We raised a lot of money for the church.

People come from all over Cincinatti to have our Hi-Lo's! We also are at the Westside Street Fair. People will come and buy 14 or 15 of them and freeze them! It still amazes us!

As far as the original building, it was eventually torn down. It stood empty for about 18 years and there is a bank in its place now. They sold Christmas trees there and they also had a car lot at one time and a few other things.

Sadly, Sandy's classic drive-in building was torn down but the lot is still being used today, now as Franklin Savings Bank.

Notice the "S" missing on a close-up of the sign!

Here is the picture of Andy's in glorious black & white. The owner of Sandy's/Andy's was certainly a hero!

Big special thanks to Dan who provided this previously unknown (to this site) history of Cincinnati Sandy's as well as the fantastic pictures. INCREDIBLE!!!!

Glenway Sandy's lives on!!! Sandy's incredible Hi-Lo's are alive and well in Cincinnati during their Westside Streetfest! Cincinnati never forgot their great taste & the Hi-Lo's are still enjoyed now some 40 years after they were first introduced across the nation! Unbelievable! If you are in the area and would like to enjoy a Hi-Lo, go to this website for further details!

Sandy's fan Jeffrey D. Becker has some great Sandy's memories! -

Dan, Sandy's was a Western Hills icon. I am an early 80's graduate of Oak Hills H.S., and back when we still cruised the muscle cars up and down Glenway Ave all night we would pit at Sandy's for our much needed Hi-Lo's, and I remember the Glenway staff there was so cool to us! We would have our cars circled around the unique structure with the hoods up talking out our butts about our engines and HP, and whatever else was walking or driving around. My fondest memory of Sandy's was the time a few buddies and myself skipped a half day of school buzzing past the Knuckles and Assoc. guard shack at the Oak Hills entry making a beeline to Sandy's for lunch. As fate would have it though my Spanish teacher Senior Del Pillar was driving down Glenway from an eye appointment at Sifri eye clinic and naturally saw me and questioned me the next day. I remember giving him a bogus excuse, and promised not to do it again……..yeah right! I tried to dig up some pictures of Sandy's because I remember my sister had a birthday party there once, but due to moving and the years gone bye I cannot locate any. Anyway thanks Dan for the memories and the Hi-Lo's.


Jeffrey D. Becker
Safety NCOIC
Command Cell

06/25/2008 ... Sandy's fan Doug Seitz writes.... There was a great Sandy's in Western Hills (Cincinnati 60's) that served the Hi Lo burger. It is the Sandy's on Glenway Ave. Cincinnati. I heard that the original owners make and sell the Hi Lo Burger at the yearly streetfest in Cheviot (Cincinnati).

07/17/2008 ... Sandy's fan Bob Schmick wrote;

I worked at a Sandy ’s Swift & Thrift from 1960 to 1963. Mr. Naseef was the Manager. I worked there after school, first as Counter Man then got promoted to Asst. Mgr. My pay rose to $1.15 per hour. Burgers were $.15. We made our own french fries starting with 50 lb bags of potatos. There was a machine that spun the potatos inside and took off the peels.

Bob Schmick

12/17/2008 ... Sandy's fan Mike Manor wrote;

My name is Mike Manor. I live on the west side of Cincinnati. Actually, the way we explain our specific location is to identify our parish. We live in Res (short for Resurrection). I grew up in Saint Lawrence. Sandy's was part of our cultural tradition. It was part of our family tradition, too. I spent many an afternoon at the location on Muddy Creek and Glenway.

My dad worked around the corner at Mobil Chemical on Muddy Creek. His co-workers and he ate lunch there. He introduced us to it. Mom took us to Frisch's and Woolworth. Sandy's was Dad's place to take us. It was weird. I always felt that our time was short with pop. He came down with emphesemia in 1980 and lingered until 1997. I count the afternoons shared there with dad, mom and my sisters among my most precious memories.

Odd isn't it? It was just a hamburger place...just. But anyplace that people gather and share memories isn't "just" anything. It's a touchstone. And even though the building is gone, the memories will live on forever.



10/27/2009 ... Sandy's fan Tammy Risen wrote;

My brother, Mike Manor left a notation on how Sandy's will live on forever in us. He is correct. I was the youngest of the bunch and the one that had to take the other kids to school. When we dropped them off we did our daily errands. We had a system. Mom, Grams and Myself. On the days that we did our west side shopping at Shillito's and the Western Hills Plaza. We would go to Sandy's for lunch to meet up with my Dad. My Father worked a lot and time with him was slim. I would take what I could to see him. Many days I would run around the parking lot of Sandy's with my cup of onions or fries. I won their turkey at Thanksgiving and two tickets to see Dorothy Hamill. I not only had luck at Sandy's. I had some of my greatest memories. It was our Sunday place after church. Our afternoon place to see Pops. It was our prayer place to say thanks for a meal with my family. It was way more than just a hamburger joint. To our family. It was a icon. An icon of what life in America was all about and how families use to be. My only wish was that it would have stood to take my children there and to give them what I had. Thank You for great times and for this site. You have made me smile, cry and mostly....Remember!

Tammy (Manor) Risen

10/27/2009 ... Sandy's fan Kimberly Manor wrote;

Our family (many generations) lived in the Price Hill area. Sandy's restaurant was a true West Side landmark frequented by our entire family for many years. I particularly remember my favorite food on the menu-- the Onion Rings. I remember the area as it use to be when I was a child in the mid 60's when there was not only Sandy's but other well known restaurants and traditional local haunts which no longer exist. So many great landmarks and West Side staples have vanished. Time marches on and many things change. Memories will last forever. Visiting Sandy's was not only a special treat but special moments shared in our family. Traditions and family moments are pure treasure. It's too bad we can't turn back the clock to more simple days when families spent time together creating such wonderful memories. One of my best childhood memories was our car trips (mother, grandmother, brother and sister) to run errands or what not stopping by Sandy's for a quick bite before stopping in for a surprise visit to my father who worked nearby. It was a pure treat to us as children. This was a great site to visit. It brought back many memories and seeing the photos I can still remember the famous Sandy's restaurant smell! Sandy's restaurant may be gone but will always live on in our memories.

Kimberly Manor

If you have any memorabilia, pictures or stories of Sandy's in Cincinnati, Ohio or elsewhere, please email me!