Sandy's Colorado Springs, Colorado

Sandy's Colorado Springs, Colorado

Sandy's at 1605 North Union, Colorado Springs, Colorado was one of many Sandy's to open in 1967. It was located on one of the main arteries heading thru the heart of town and was most likely the most picturesque of all of the Sandy's being near the foot of beautiful scenic Pike's Peak.

The picture above is a rare picture of the inside of the location and was found in the high school yearbook section of the Carnegie Library in downtown Colorado Springs. The picture's caption mentions students standing in line so it must have met the needs of the local middle high school, downtown businesses as well as the residential section of Colorado Springs.

If you notice closely, one can see the Rocky Mountains in the background of the 1967 picture! The following pictures were taken from the Sandy's parking lot, facing west in September, 2005. This is the view you would have seen while eating a delicious Sandy's hamburger and drinking a thick Sandy's milkshake!

Colorado Springs Sandy's placed what was apparently their first advertisement in the Colorado Springs Gazette on Friday, September 29th, 1967. The offer was incredible. Four fish sandwiches for 89. Sandy's fish was delicious. Notice that character on the advertisement. It is a smiley face during the beginning of the craze, now with hair added! The smiley face was a common theme in Sandy's advertisements from 1967 thru 1972.

This was followed on Thursday, November 30th with Sandy's tenderloin for 45. Sandy's tenderloin was huge. The loin dwarfed the bun and as is mentioned, it was a mighty meal in itself. It tasted fantastic as well and was a popular item on the menu. How many fast food restaurants offer tenderloin today in 2005?

Colorado Springs Sandy's is listed in the city directory in 1969 but is missing in 1970 so sadly it was apparently only open for around two years.

The 1967 picture's caption mentions students standing in line so it obviously met the needs of the local middle high school, downtown businesses as well as the residential section of Colorado Springs. As a matter of fact, Sandy's front door faced East Middle School which was directly across the street on busy Union street! The Sandy's location team picked out a great place to locate the drive-in!

The location is now a doctor's office complex. However, one of Sandy's neighbors, one block away, was a classic vintage Tastee Freez which is still in business as BJ-Velvet Freez to this day! BJ-Velvet Freez is as close as you can get to an original Tastee Freez without it actually being one as the owners have done a fantastic job maintaining the building! Notice the added drive thru. The people you see in line are 15 people deep to the front window!

02/01/2009 .... Sandy's fan Chris Mitchell gives a Colorado Springs Sandy's update!

To Whom reads this 1st and to who it concerns: :) :)

1st let me say, great web site and thanx for your efforts, my wife and I have enjoyed it.

This is just a small update which may get bigger after I do more research. :) The Colorado Springs, 1605 N. Union location building IS still there with beams,typical windows for an eating place, and nice northwest entrance way.

We believe the other writer got fooled and thought the original building was gone because they did such a good job of remodeling the building and expanding it in the back. I will go in and talk to the business when I get a chance and make sure they know the history of the building, the beams, windows, entrance way, and sloped concrete work in the front for the elderly instead of steps.

I'll also get inside close ups of the beams, with their permission,and the outside. The building is being used as a medical care facility. Was this location ever a Hardee's? More research on that one. I am a native and I don't remember that being the case but I had forgotten all about Sandy's too lol even though I went to Wasson High School while Sandy's was open and it isn't that far away.

Now I do remember a tid bit that might be why (if this is the case) that location never became Hardee's. I remember in about 1968 there was a rumble between two High School football teams, Wasson being one (highly unusual for them I might ad) and probably Palmer being the other. Now it is possible because of that and maybe other situations that Sandy's-Hardee's decided to forget that location,lol!!

Maybe someone could find out with whomever management you may have contact with if that was the case, or if it did become Hardee's at all.

I'll be writing more and keeping you informed!


Chris and Rose Mitchell

02/01/2009 Images from google maps and maps reveal what could be the original Sandy's sign and the ceiling wings! One month into the new year and Chris is definitely in the running for the Sandy's outstanding detective work of the year award!

Below - the arrows point to the Sandy's original roof wings!

07/27/2009 ... Sandy's fan Troy Smith presents pictures from his visit to Colorado Springs Sandy's -

No longer recognizable as a Sandy's building, the classic interior Sandy's wooden beams give it away!