Sandy's Columbus, Ohio

Sandy's Northern Lights Shopping Center, Columbus Ohio

Sandy's fan Jackie Johnson just became a Sandy's hero! She has found one of the "missing Sandy's". This is a Sandy's location that is neither on the 1968 Sandy's list nor on the 1973 list. Incredible Jackie!

There was a Sandy's that was close to the Northern Lights Shopping Center on Cleveland Avenue in Columbus, Ohio. I remember this very well because it was next to a "giant slide" when those first became popular. It was such a treat to go down the slide and then eat at Sandy's. I particularly remember one summer they gave away kites to all the kids. I was thrilled with my new paper kite with "Sandy" on it!

It was in Columbus Ohio- probably 1963-64 era. It was located on Cleveland Avenue, aka Route 3, aka 3-C Highway. (The 3-C's stand for Cleveland, Columbus, Cincinnati). It was in the parking lot of a strip mall called Northern Lights Shopping Center.

I'm beginning to doubt my memory now because no one else in the family remembers it! But I remember it so clearly. As a youngster it was one of my favorite places to go!

Hope to hear more soon.

Jackie Johnson

For confirmation, the original developer for The Northern Lights Shopping Center was contacted and this is what they had to say! -

There was a Sandy’s developed and owned by an independent investor immediately adjacent to and contiguous to Northern Lights. We had nothing to do with it. It failed fairly quickly.

So there you have it. A short lived Sandy's did indeed exist at this location! Special thanks to Sandy's fan Jackie Johnson!!!

Sandy's fan Mike Maloof remembers Sandy's Northern Lights location!

I'm sure you have figured it out by now but the Sandy's was just north of the old Sunoco gas station at 3569 Cleveland Ave. There is a drive thru carryout and car wash there now. I can still remember the sign and foundation being there into the 80's. Do you remember the Put Put and the giant slide?


05/29/2008 ... Sandy's fan Erica provides more information on the Sandy's location ...

Just to let everyone know - Cleveland Ave is NOT also known as Route 3 - that's Westerville Rd in Columbus, OH that is also known as Route 3 or 3-c Highway. Cleveland Ave is not continuous it runs from downtown Columbus to Westerville, OH.

Just wanted to clear that up!

If you have any memorabilia, pictures or stories of Sandy's in Columbus, Ohio or elsewhere, please email me!