Sandy's Parsons Ave Columbus Ohio

Sandy's Parsons Ave Columbus Ohio

UPDATE! 12/21/2008 ... Sandy's fan Danny K. provides a picture from 11/11/2008 of Sandy's Parsons location!

Here's a pic from the Franklin County Auditor - Danny

Sandy's fan Ron Cossin remembers Columbus Ohio Sandy's locations!

I remember in the summer of 1964(?) the Sandy's opening on Parsons Ave. in Columbus.

I was about 4-5 years old and my mother and little sister (her name is Sandy too!) waited several hours to be the first customers. Mom may have pushed some folks aside. The fries were so good!!! and the strawberry shake-by far and away, to this day, the best! My parents didn't drive so we went to places within walking distance. For mom that was 10-15 miles.

The Sandy's were always a good part of our home and when we moved, there was a Sandy's at Main and Kelton that we patronized. I sure miss these places and wish they could be re-opened. The Parsons store is still a restaurant and the building is unmistakable a Sandy's! It is owned by Lois Mann and has been serving the South Side for years. The Main Street store was torn down for Churchs Chicken some years ago.

By 1970-71, I may have been the last Sandy's Parsons Ave. customer also!

Wonderful memories of wonderful places. Thanks, Ron Cossin

06/24/2009 ...Found a picture of the former Sandy's on Parsons Avenue in Columbus at in a photo thread of the Parsons Avenue strip. - William Damm