Sandy's Creve Coeur Illinois

Sandy's Creve Coeur Illinois

Mr. Quick fan Alan Morton updates the Creve Coeur location which was located near Peoria, Illinois.

According to your site: CREVE COEUR (SANDY'S) 100 s. Main st., Creve Coeur, Illinois, 61611 As of 07/08/06, Creve Coeur Sandy's location is a Hardees building that sadly is boarded up. There is no trace of the original Sandy's building unless there is something behind the boarded windows.

This is no longer correct. Earlier this year it became a cigarette and liquor store. My car has been in the body shop next to the place since late last year getting a full restore. It was supposed to be done by the start of summer. I was not told which summer. If you really want I can take a picture of it next time I visit my car, assuming have film in my camera.

Found your site while looking for info on a place I remember called Mr. Quick, that gets a mention on your pages. I was talking to a friend from Iowa and he told me they had one there in Ottumwa until it burnt down a couple years ago. The owner did not rebuild and the location became a Walgreens.

Special thanks to Alan Morton for these picture of Creve Coeur's Hardees building. The original Sandy's was demolished and replaced by this building.