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Sandy's Dayton, Ohio

Sandy's Dayton, Ohio

Sandys' fan Steve Dale presents current pictures of the Sandy's Marshall Dayton, Ohio location!

Here are some pics, front and side, of the 4070 Marshall Rd (Dayton, OH store #2) as it is today. I can not remember if the building is modified from the Sandy's or a new building built on the site.

Steve Dale

01/05/08 ... UPDATE!!!! Sandy's Superfan Steve Dale proves that the Sandy's Marshall location still exists! Camoflauged by Harrigan's sports and beer memorabilia, Sandy's beams will not be denied! What incredible detective work by Steve to find the Sandy's wood beams now almost forty-five years later! Outstanding!

I finally got some pictures of the inside of Dayton store #2 @ 4070 Marshall Rd. The beams are still there, one on each side of the front door and two more on the one side at an right angle to the others. - Steve

If you have any memorabilia, pictures or stories of Sandy's in Dayton, Ohio or elsewhere, please email me!