Sandy's Decatur, Illinois

Sandy's Decatur, Illinois

Open in 1967 at the peak of Sandy's growth years, Sandy's Decatur, Illinois (North location) was Sandy's #135. The Decatur locations were special because they did not flip to Hardees in 1973 when the buy-out occurred!

Sandy's fan John Wilson remembers Sandy's Decatur North!

I notice that you didnít list a Decatur, Illinois location for Sandyís. Back in the early Ď70ís, I traveled from Sullivan with my HS buddy Dennis for a Decatur visit and we stopped at Sandyís. Sorry, canít recall the road but it was the same major road that St. Teresa High School is located on.

John Wilson

Sandy's fan Steve Revis has the answer - This Sandy's was on North Water Street on Decatur. I think at least 2 of the original buildings still still stand.

Steve Revis

Sandy's fan Rick Vissering remembers Decatur Sandy's!

Wow..I just found your site and I am really strolling down memory lane. My wife and I were raised in Decatur, Illinois and we both remember eating at Sandy's on North Water Street, as kids, with our respective families. When my dad lived on the west end of Decatur, I used to scrounge around the house for change so I could sneak down to Sandy's for a bag of fries! I remember when the Sandy's on the west end was closed, demolished and replaced by Hardee's. However, the Sandy's on the north end was transformed into a Bucky's. They served good food but it was nothing like Sandy's. Hardees never got a hold of that one. My favorite Sandy's burger was the Big Scot. I still wish they were around!

I was showing the site to a friend here at work in Peoria, Illinois and she remember competing in and winning the basketball shooting/dribbling contests that were sponsored by Sandy's. We were talking about what we'd give to go back to that simpler time.

Thanks for maintaining a web-site that actually has some value to it!

Rick Vissering, East Peoria Illinois

If you have any memorabilia, pictures or stories of Sandy's in Decatur, Illinois or elsewhere, please email me!