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Sandy's Elmhurst, Illinois

Sandy's Elmhurst, Illinois

Sandy's in Elmhurst, Illinois was located at 447 S Spring Road. This is taken from its current occupant which in 2007 is Silverado. Elmhurst Sandy's was most likely opened in 1965. Training videos for Sandy's were filmed at this location. Another distinction for Elmhurst Sandy's is the first Sandy's female manger worked at this location as well. Elmhurst is listed on the 1968 Sandy's list but is abscent from the final 1973 Sandy's list. Perhaps it was sold and became something else before the Sandy's buy-out or maybe it was mistakenly left off the list.

Sandy's fan Bill Trudeau has taken pictures of Elmhurst Sandy's! Here is what Bill had to say -

I just found your website, and wanted to let you know the old Elmhurst, Illinois building still stands although it has changed names and configurations numerous times over the years. It is now the Silverado Grille, and barely resembles the original structure. When inside, the angular support beams are unmistakable. They squared off the building and you wouldn't recognize it from the outside other than the location of the original sign.

Here are pictures which I recently took of the Elmhurst Sandy's location, or what it looks like now... The only recognizable features are the angled pillars in the dining room and the roofline from the back. I'll try to get that one in different sunlight and send it to you again. While I was inside, the owner told me that the Addison Sandy's building is still pretty much as it was, so I'll stop by that one and get some pix, too. Thanks for the great memories!


Bill is correct, if one was driving by this location, one would never guess that a proud Sandy's building is hidden inside!

The first picture from the inside - Sandy's still exists! The Sandy's beams are a centerpiece of the interior! Look at these beautiful hard wood twins! A third beam is shown in this picture as well, can you find it?!

Now decorated by cowboy pictures, this Sandy's beam is actually holding up the Sandy's roof fins that are now covered by ceiling tile! Sandy's is hidden in the building but she still makes her appearance known!

Finally, a terrific shot of three Sandy's beams! One behind a woman who perhaps is a Sandy's fan as well, one next to the elk and one next to the neon Bud sign. These beams are a monument to Sandy's empire that dared to take on the mighty McDonald's in their own back yard!

If you have any memorabilia, pictures or stories of Sandy's in Elmhurst, Illinois or elsewhere, please email me!