Sandy's Elyria, Ohio

Sandy's Elyria, Ohio

Richard Kummerlowe, author of America's Landmark: Under the Orange Roof, one of the best sites on the internet documenting Howard Johnson's Hotels and Restaurants, has provided advertisements from Elyria, Ohio Sandy's!

Elyria is a western suburb of Cleveland and had three Sandy's locations. These locations were part of a wider group of prosperous Sandy's locations located in Ohio.

The locations were;

ELYRIA #1 * 443 Cleveland, Elyria, Ohio (Sandy's location #48),

ELYRIA #3 * 393 Midway Blvd., Elyria, Ohio (Sandy's location # 263)

and ELYRIA #2 * 641 Hilliard Rd., Elyria, Ohio which is listed on the 1973 final Sandy's locations list as location #32. It is unclear as to if #32 was a typo since Sandy's location #1 in Elyria was Sandy's #48.

The first advertisement is announcing the one year anniversary of Sandy's on Cleveland Road. This advertisement ran on May 10th, 1963 which gives a peek into the timeline of that store's opening date which would obviously be in May of 1962. Elyria #3 on Midway Blvd. was Sandy's location #263 which means its opening date was most likely in mid 1972, a year before the chain sold out to Hardees.

This next advertisement from 09/15/68 provides a twist to the Elyria Sandy's story by revealing that there were also two locations in sister city Lorain, Ohio as well!

These locations were Sandy's location #93 LORAIN 1111 Meister, Lorain, Ohio and Sandy's location #149 LORAIN SOUTH 2233 E. 42nd St. Lorain, Ohio!

Sandy's Elyria #2 on Hilliard Road is not listed on this advertisement but is on the second one which reveals a grand opening date of 11/29/68!

Here is a zoom shot of the anniversary advertisement focusing in on the current manager of Cleveland Road Sandy's, Mr. Don Carpenter. Mr. Carpenter had apparently been preceeded by Mr. Phil Lunt who was promoted within the corporation!

The following is a clipping from 09/26/71 which shows the promotion of Harry Bratton. Mr. Bratton is listed as the manager of Elyria #3 on the 1973 Sandy's final locations listing page! It appears that he maintained his position as manager in addition to his new duties.

Special thanks again to Rich Kummerlowe who found these advertisements in the Elyria Chronicle Telegram. Visit his website soon, you will not be disappointed.

Special thanks as well to Robby Delius, frequent contributor to this website, who has found the Elyria Sandy's listing in the 1969 City Directory!

11/15/2007 ... Sandy's fan Gerald Morris writes;

I was 17 years old and worked for FO MO CO and drove a 53 Studebaker, I'm now 66 years old and retired and live in West Virginia. I am always looking for history of Elyria Ohio and old pictures. Oh, it was in 1959---60 ....Those were the good 'ol days

I ate there many times in the late 50s and early 60s. Sandys was located on Abbey Road and Cleveland St. It would have been # 48, I was thinking that there were a couple more but I am not sure. I'm thinking that one was on rt 113 or Telegraph Road. I love reading things like this - nice site - Gerald Morris.

06/04/2009 ... Sandy's fan Mary Lou Diluciano wrote;

My name is Mary Lou Diluciano (Wyszynski). I was in a Sandy's Pass Dribble and Shoot contest in the early 70's on Abbe Rd in ELYRIA. Mr. Harry Bratton was the mananger then and I went to the Finals and lost. Oh well. I still have all of my Sandy's patches and shirts with Wilt Chamberlin Oscar Robertson and a few others signatures. What wonderful memories you brought up for me.

If you have any memorabilia, pictures or stories of Sandy's in Elyria, Ohio or elsewhere, please email me!