Faribault Minnesota

Faribault Minnesota

Sandy's fan Rick Hallanger worked at Faribault Sandy's!

Memories of the early 70’s… aahhh yes… I am from Faribault , MN and at that time, for fast food, there was only the Black Steer which sold hamburgers, shakes, and fries. But then a new restaurant was coming to town. It was out by where a K-Mart was (maybe) going. Anyway, it was a Mr. Quick. Very popular and good food for after the Friday night football games. I don’t see that it was mentioned in your list, but we had one.. now the building is a Mexican restaurant.

Sandy’s came a little later… when it came to town, I was one of the first employees. I remember the good grilled cheese sandwiches we sold along with the tenderloins. We were busy. Holy cow were we busy! I remember when we changed over to a Hardee’s and of course the menu was changed. At first it was just as busy. I moved on after working there about 3 years. The grilled hamburgers were the greatest and I remember that we had to take the grates off and soak them every night. Then they decided to go back to frying. Later the burgers got to be expensive.. almost like a dine in restaurant. So our Hardee’s sold out to Arby’s. However, in the last couple of years Hardee’s came back to a new building out by the freeway. I guess what goes around, comes around!

Thanks for this site. It brings back a lot of memories. I can still picture my uniform, the bags, and the cups. Although we made maybe a $1.50 an hour and the work was tough… it was fun.

Rick Hallanger
Faribault, MN