Sandy's Fayetteville, Arkansas

Sandy's Fayetteville, Arkansas

Lee Watson has become a legend on this site. Not only did he find one of the "lost" Sandy's, the original building still exists!!! The location is in Fayetteville, Arkansas on the corner of Garland and North Saint Streets. Opened between 1969 and 1971, it was a typical Sandy's location, in the downtown area, near a residential section and next to a school. That school in particular was the University of Arkansas. This was undoubtedly an incredible location for Sandy's and remains today a fast food eating establishment some 35 years after it was built! This location was a natural hang-out for college kids in between classes and after the games.

Here is a picture of Fayetteville Sandy's as it is today! Mr. Burger, which is the current tenant, provided an outstanding build-out of the original drive-in, maintaining the original classic Sandy's wooden beams which can be seen in red in the picture! One can clearly see the second of three sets of these beams on the other side of the building!

The inside of the building appears to maintain the original setting of Sandy's as well. The inside readerboard appears to be original or a close reproduction of the 1970's six piece standard which adorned all Sandy's during this time period. The walk up is the same, only the tiles have been replaced, taking away the classic Sandy's plaid.

In this next picture, one can compare the similarities in the above Fayetteville inside shot to Sandy's in Muscatine, Iowa (see below) which was built around the same time period.

Fayetteville Sandy's joined its other siblings in Little Rock, Arkansas providing incredible fast food at a reasonable price in a classic Americana drive-in experience!

UPDATE:01/14/2007 ... Twig Gravely from the incredible Lendy's website provides an aerial shot of Sandy's Fayetteville! Check out the incredible Sandy's roof fins which are hiding at ground level behind the white Mr. Burger covering! Sandy's will not be denied!

UPDATE 03/11/2007 ... Robby Delius comes thru again, this time with more incredible detective work!!! Robby found a needle in the haystack known as FLICKR & figured out that these photos are Fayetteville Sandy's (now Mr. Burger). Incredible work Rob!!!!

This incredible picture of Mr. Burger/Sandy's is from Jonas who presents his pictures on FLICKR - click here to see his terrific shots from Fayetteville, Arkansas and elsewhere! This is the caption he wrote under the picture which explains what is going on -

Halie and I decided to run out in the snow and grab a burger (that's her inside). When it snows here in Arkansas, everyone panics and everything closes.

This Mr Burger is a neat spot because it's been around the U of A for so long. My Dad used to eat here when he went to college back in the late 60's.

Kind of looks "Nighthawk-ish?"

If you have any memorabilia, pictures or stories of Sandy's in Fayetteville, Arkansas or elsewhere, please email me!