Sandy's Fort Madison, Iowa

Sandy's Fort Madison, Iowa

Sandy's had two locations in Fort Madison, Iowa. They were owned by the Batchelder Company who operated stores in Freeport, Burlington, Ft. Madison, Mattoon, Charleston, Centralia, Dixon, Mt. Vernon, Keokuk, Austin, Minn. and Belgium. The company also had a Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant in Ft. Madison.

The official Sandy's managers and stores list from the 1968 national convention lists Orville Hunsaker and wife Darlene as managers. FT. MADISON #1 was located at 1431 Ave H and is listed in the 1973 Sandy's directory as being managed by Mike Hunsaker.

The following is a rare menu from this location. The front of the menu reads "Sandy's Corner, Home of the Sandy's Smile, Hosts Orv and Darlene Hunsaker" and was auctioned on ebay in May 2005 by radesh and sold for $31. What makes this menu an incredible find is the rarety of breakfast at Sandy's or any fast food restaurant of this time period. Sandy's had just begun offering breakfast in their new downtown locations. One of these locations was in Downtown Peoria, Illinois, which was owned by the Batchelder Company as well!

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Stevie Harkey not only remembers Sandy's in Fort Madison... he worked there!

I too worked at Sandy's for Orv and Darlene. I have my name tag. I also have found a Hardees/Sandy's Homecoming cup with a date of 1994 on it. Great memories and our gang (night shift) was the greatest! Stevie (Ramsey) Harkey

01/27/2007 ... Sandy's fan Mitch Thompson writes -

I worked for Mike Hunsaker at the Fort Madison, IA Sandy's in 1973. If memory serves me right, his father, Orville, was the district manager out of the basement of the second store on Hwy 61 at the time it was converted to Hardees. I was transferred to the Hwy 61 location just after the conversion. I thought the best hamburger at that time was the Hardiees Deluxe. Unfortunately when they changed the menu from Sandy's they dropped the deep fried pork tenderloin. Still an almost Iowa exclusive favorite, when you can find them. Left there in 1974 for the Air Force and never went back since, except to visit family or attend funerals. Nice work on your site.


Mitch Thompson

If you have any memorabilia, pictures or stories of Sandy's two Fort Madison, Iowa locations or elsewhere, please email me!