Sandy's Fort Worth, Texas

Sandy's Fort Worth, Texas

Ewehaven on Ebay reveals the address of Sandy's in Fort Worth, Texas! Sandy's Fort Worth, along with the other Texas Sandy's are not listed on the 1973 final Sandy's list. It is not known if Sandy's shut these locations down before the Hardees buy-out or if these locations, along with a few others, are somehow missing from the final list. Fort Worth appears on the 1968 official Sandy's list and was most likely between the 70th and 80th store opened for the chain and probably opened in 1964.

After looking up the address of what is there now, the address was 1300 W. Seminary Dr. in Fort Worth. My brother worked there when he was a teenager and he is now 55. They gave the Sandy's glasses as a promo to their customers. Thanks

01/15/2006 ... John T. Roberts has just become a legend on the Sandy's website. He has provided the first pictures of Sandy's incredible Fort Worth location which is found STILL INTACT!!!! This is one of the best, if not the best preserved original building from 1964! Thank you John!

The address of 1300 W. Seminary sounds about right. I believe that after Sandy's closed, it became one of the few locations in Fort Worth for Hardee's. After Hardee's left Fort Worth, it was vacant for some time, and then it was converted into the laundromat. There may have been some other tenants, but those are the ones that I remember the most. When I was a kid, my family used to go there and either eat or do take out. We also frequented the place when it was Hardee's, and I can also remember driving to it under that name.

UPDATE:01/14/2007 ... Twig Gravely from the incredible Lendy's website provides an aerial shot of Sandy's Fort Worth! It doesn't get much better than this! Check out the original Sandy's roof fins!

06/20/2007 ... Sandy's fan David Gunn remembers Fort Worth Sandy's!

I found your site after I overheard a co-worker discussing his memories of Sandy's restaurants in the Midwest. I remember the Sandy's that used to be on Seminary Drive in Fort Worth, Texas. My mother used to take me there when I was a kid. The building (with fins) is still standing, and is now a washeteria/laundromat. This link should center on the portion of Seminary Drive where the restaurant was located, on the North side of the street (NW corner of W. Seminary Drive, and Baldwin Ave.)

11/22/2007 ... The 1st Sandy's in Texas was opened in Ft. Worth Texas on Seminary Dr. in the early 1960's. The owners were Ed Parks, Verlin Stauffer, Leonard McBroom and Bob VanDeVoorde. They opened a second store in Garland, Texas and a third in Plano, Texas.... both suburbs of Dallas. Also, they opened a 4th store in Waco, Texas. The Ft. Worth store was the #1 in the nation. I have pictures somewhere and will forward copeis to you when I find them.

Thanks - Scott Parks

04/22/2008 ... Robby Delius provides two terrific pictures of Sandy's in Fort Worth via his buddy Debra Jane Seltzer from the incredible website! Click HERE to go to Debra's site! The pictures include the original Sandy's building, beams and plaid! Forty years later... incredible!

If you have any memorabilia, pictures or stories of Sandy's in Fort Worth, Texas or elsewhere, please email me! As of January, 2007, the 1300 W. Seminary address comes up as Seminary Laundromat.