Sandy's Hillside Illinois

Sandy's Hillside, Illinois

Sandy's first location in the Chicagoland area was in Addison, Illinois, most likely in 1963 or 1964. This was followed by a twin location in Elmhurst, Illinois in 1965 and by another twin location in Hillside, Illinois in 1967. An Aurora, Illinois Sandy's most likely opened in 1967 followed by another Aurora location arriving sometime around 1970.

The two Aurora locations survived until the Hardees buy-out in 1973. Sadly, Elmhurst (which was the video training location for corporate Sandy's films and a location that the first Sandy's female manager, Sue Mower worked at), Hillside and Addison were no longer in existence by this time.

Warren, a contributor to this site, remembers the Hillside location and provided welcomed information regarding this Sandy's.

Sandy's in Hillside, Illinois was located on the east end of the property where the Hillside Shopping Center resides. It was directly across from the Hillside Theater and Hillside Bowl. After Sandy's closed, the store was a stereo store for a while. I do not know if the structure still stands.

Special thanks to Sandy's fan Dave who provides the details as to whatever happened to Hillside Sandy's!

Hi: The Sandy's restaurant in Hillside, Illinois was converted to a "Playback" (The Electronic Playground) stereo store that I visited many times in the 1970's. It was later torn down sometime in the 1980's. In the late 1990's most of the old Hillside Shopping Center was torn down and replaced with a "Carmax" car dealership and a Menard's Home Hardware Center.

In the early part of this decade, the adjoining area which is I-290, the Eisenhower Expressway, was expanded and the eastbound entrance ramp to Chicago in HIllside was reconfigured practically right over what was the foundation left from the Hillside Sandy's restaurant. I have lived nearby in the next town over and have seen a lot of changes in this area. Thanks for your interest, Dave.

If you have any memorabilia, pictures or stories of Sandy's in Hillside, Elmhurst or Aurora, Illinois or elsewhere, please email me!