Sandy's Jacksonville, Illinois

Sandy's Jacksonville Illinois

Joan Astrosky is not only a Sandy's fan, she was little Miss Sandy! Joan's husband managed Sandy's popular Jacksonville, Illinois location. This gave her the opportunity to appear as Miss Sandy and now she has become a legend on this website by providing rare incredible pictures of the Jacksonville location! Jacksonville Sandy's appears to have opened in mid 1965 and does not appear on the final 1973 Sandy's list. Sadly, perhaps it had closed by this time or it may have mistakenly been left off the list!

These pictures are dated September and December of 1965. There were two of us girls dressed as Miss Sandy for a Halloween promotion. In the picture of the two girls, I am the one on the right, the shorter one. The other picture of Miss Sandy is just me.

I do have an address on the back of one of my pictures. 842 W. Morton, Jacksonville, Il. The kids on the cars are some of the kids that worked at Sandy's. I have their names of the back of my picture. Al Corbridge, Rich Kaiser, George Raines and Eddie Hayes. I really don't remember when the grand opening was but with little Miss Sandy I can only assume that maybe it might have been around grand opening time???

These pictures bring back the good ole days like when the guys worked there they had to memorize the orders and figured out the prices in their heads. It was really fast food back then!

I also found a tie tack that my husband had when he was the manager and I took a digital picture of it. Kind of hard to do of something so small! Also, there is a picture of a decal of Miss Sandy which has been all over the country in different places we have lived. I'm suprised I still have it! I guess I will have to put it somewhere special to keep it.

Oh yes! This Sandy's was in Jacksonville, Illinois. At that time we were living in Kewanee, Illinois (that was our hometown) and my husband had just gotten out of the service. We went back to Kewanee to live and I don't know, I guess he just applied at Sandy's and I believe that he trained in Peoria and they sent him on to Jacksonville. Jacksonville was the only Sandy's that he worked at. I can't remember how long he was there.

Thank you - Joan Astrosky

Special thanks to Joan for these incredible pictures! Notice the beautiful Sandy's trademark wooden beams. Also notice in the September shots, the location is a walk-up drive-in building. In the December pictures, the glass enclosure called the winter cover has been added to keep people out of the cold while they are ordering their food.

Notice in the above picture that the windows have been artifically frosted over for the holidays. Snowpainted in the windows are the words "Happy New Year" on the left and "Merry Christmas" on the right on the winter cover. Please also observe that the roof fins have been shortened by the winter cover to the point that they are not seen! The trash cans read "Sandy's Thrift & Swift" on the toppers and "Sandy's" on the sides. There is also a huge wreath hanging above the center entrance with decorative Christmas bells on each side. All three sets of twin beams are visible in this picture.

An exterior shot during September 1965. This new Sandy's is a classic walk-up. Notice by the dress of the patrons that light weight jackets and long sleeves are being worn. Not yet time to put up the winter cover onto the building but getting pretty close! Observe Miss Sandy's dancing in the center of the readerboard. Plenty of balloons are hanging from the ceiling as well.

Little Miss Sandy played by Joan Astrosky getting ready to hand out trick or treat goodies to all of the kiddies in attendance that day! This was one of Sandy's most popular promotions. In the picture below, Little Miss Sandy on the left has a badge on her kilt which has a Hi-Lo, fries and drink on it. This also matches the promotional picture on the menuboard which is just inside of the window!

On yet another occasion, this time two little Miss Sandy's giving away free french fries with a Hi-Lo purchase!

Joan Astrosky comes through again!!! Joan found the grand opening ad to Sandy's Jacksonville location complete with picture!

The article reads: THE OPENING OF SANDY'S, Jacksonville's newest drive-in restaurant, took place Wednesday, July 14th. The modern building features attractive ceramic tile and the use of natural Birch supporting beams. The interior stainless steel equipment is especially designed for Sandy's Thrift and Swift and customized for maximum cleanliness and efficient service to the customer.

Sandy's Thrift and Swift drive-in represents a total investment of nearly $140,000 with the addition of a year-'round all-weather enclosure.

The local Sandy's is managed by Jerry Astrosky. Jerry, his wife Joan, son Michael and daughter, Lori, live at 750 East Chambers.

The first Sandy's Thrift and Swift opened on August 8, 1958 in Peoria, Illinois. The Jacksonville unit is the 93rd to open. Sandy's Thrift and Swift drive-ins are located in eighteen states. Units near Jacksonville are located in Springfield, Quincy and Hannibal, Missouri.

Special thanks again to Joan Astrosky who's entire family is mentioned in the Sandy's grand opening article! What a keepsake & it just doesn't get much better than this. How incredible as well that Joan has provided color grand opening pictures to go along with the black and white picture attached to the article!

02/06/2009 ... Sandy's fan Philip Tomhave wrote;

I grew up in Jacksonville, Illinois and we have farmland along the highway between Jíville and Springfield. There used to be a Sandyís billboard in one of our fields. It was taken down at some point and my dad saved it. We ended up using it as a wall for our treehouse from about 1975 until 1994 when the tree was cut down. My brother still has the billboard in his garage.

Philip Tomhave

If you have any memorabilia, pictures or stories of Sandy's in Jacksonville, Illinois or elsewhere, please email me!