Sandy's Ken Mar Wichita Kansas

Sandy's Ken Mar Wichita Kansas

Sandy's fan Kevin remembers Sandy's on Ken Mar in Wichita which was Sandy's #123!

With the family at the holidays no one but me remembered the Sandy's on 13th at Ken Mar in Wichita, Ks. Everyone said I was crazy and had a bad memory (well the memory part is right), but I knew there was burger chain there before there was a Hardees. THANK YOU so much for this website. I even remembered the girl with kilt like skirt with the matching hat. Once I showed everyone in the family they all remembered. My favorite were the burgers with the slaw like sauce. Wow, what memories of the family loading up and going over there.

12/28/2007 ... Sandy's fan Nola Walker Martin writes;

In Wichita, Kansas, I remember when the Sandy's on the NE corner of 13th Street North and Rochester was built. It was right across Rochester street from North High School. I worked in a little hamburger carry out named Jack's North Hi Carry Out, which was across 13th street and a little west of the Sandy's. Our little business had been there since 1951, and when Sandy's came in our boss just knew we would be run out of business. That didn't happen and we watched as the Sandy's became a Hardees. The building was subsequently torn down in the early to mid 1970's and the site is now part of North High's student parking lot. I have just located a Sandy's ashtray in my belongings if someone would like to have it. Its worn, but clearly recognizable. A whole bunch of North High graduates remember eating at Sandy's in the 1960s.

02/18/2009 ... Sandy's fan Carolyn Randall wrote;

Sandy's: I believe there was a Sandy's next door to North High School on 13th St. That location was taken over by Hardee's. North was a closed campus, those days, at lunch time. We felt very wicked when we snuck across the street to Sandy's. There was also a burger joint across 13th called Jack's North Hi Carryout. The guy who owned that place did not want any high school students in there at lunch time (go figure) because that "scared away" his regular clientele.

Griff's: I have some trivia to contribute about Griff's Burger Bar. The store was designed by the father of a friend of mine. He liked "walls with holes". A distinctive wall outside the building was a solid cement wall with rounded-corner square holes. This guy also designed one of the park shelters at (?) Sim's park. This had the similar "walls with holes" design, and had an undulating, accordian-type roof. My friend's father said that he designed it that way because he believed that kids would find a way to climb on the roof, and he might as well make the roof safe. The park shelter was slightly below ground level, and the roof extended beyond the shelter to the level of the surrounding earth. Thus, a fall from the roof would be a short 3 feet, or so, onto soft earth.

KLEO DJ's: My favorite was E Alvin Davis, who was there from the mid-1960s to the early 1970s. He was still broadcasting in 1971 when I graduated from North and left town. Years later, I ran into Al on a message board where I am a moderator. I told him what a thrill it was to connect with him, again, after all these years.


04/17/2009 ... Sandy's fan Krista wrote;

I went to North High (69) and remember the Sandies. Also remember Griffs. I moved to Texas (Irving Texas on Irving Blvd.) and they still have a Griff’s. Same sign. I don’t remember the building, but it it pretty much the same. The sign still has the Clown holding price spot,(not 15 cents). Just thought this might be of some interest.

Krista Friesen

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