Sandy's Marquette, Michigan

Sandy's Marquette, Michigan

This marque picture appears to be cut off at the top since the Sandy's dancing girl is missing as well as part of the S in Sandy's. It can be found at the Ironrangers website.

If you are into U.S. Hockey, please visit this excellent site. One of the pictures on another page is a really good one of the Burger Chef menu selections.

Greg at was nice enough to reply with information on the picture regarding what role Sandy's played with ironrangers games. He wrote the following:

Sandy's was on West Washington next to where Burger King is now. The picture is from an old Marquette Mirror or a game program. I can't remember. I imagine that it wasn't a big part of the game nights but was visited during other times by team members because it was one of the only fast food restaurants available.

02/21/06 Sandy's fan Gary remembers Marquette Sandy's;

Hi ! I chanced upon your Sandy's Hamburger's memorabilia site;

I found Sandy's old radio jingle on a reel to reel tape recording in my archive.

It would have been recorded off the local radio station in the late 60's/early 70's - (WJPD in Ishpeming Michigan. We had a Sandy's in Marquette Michigan 15 miles up the road.)

The quality of the recording isn't great, but you're welcome to use it.

click here to listen!

The jingle goes "Sandy's! Sandy's! The home of the plaid beret!"

Makes me hungry for a bagfull of burgers!

Thanks for bringing back some old memories!

Gary S.

05/25/2008 ... Sandy' fan Tim Fegan remembers Sandy's in Marquette!


Just read an article in the Marquette, Michigan daily paper, The Mining Journal from Sunday, May 18 about the Sandy's sign. Though I never imagined there's be a group of people dedicated to Sandy's, every time I'd drive by Pasquali's I'd remember going to Sandy's in Marquette years ago as a kid. If they ever took it down, driving by Pasquali's would never be quite the same. :)

Tim Fegan <><

Clark Gravedoni Sr. and his son, Clark Gravedoni Jr., stand in front of the Pasquali's sign in Negaunee. At the top of the sign sits the 'Sandy's Hamburger girl,' an icon that marked the top of each Sandy's restaurants throughout the country. The Gravedoni's Sandy's girl is the only one known to exist. (Journal photo by Sam Eggleston, copyright The Mining Journal)

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