Sandy's McClure Peoria Illinois

Sandy's McClure, Peoria, Illinois

Opened in the early 1960's, Sandy's #16 was located at 200 W. McClure, Peoria, Illinois. It joined Sandy's #1, the powerhouse location at Sheridan Road, Peoria, Illinois as well as Peoria's West Peoria location at 401 Western, Peoria which was Sandy's #8. Three locations in Peoria followed McClure and a number of surrounding area locations followed as well. McClure had such a following that even after its sister stores in the area switched to Hardees in 1973, McClure continued on as Sandy's well into 1974 and perhaps beyond!

Larry Ware remembers when Sandy's was the best! Larry is an aircheck collector and radio historian in Peoria, Illinois. AM Radio station WIRL was an institution in the Peoria listening area and aired a ton of vintage Sandy's commercials throughout the years. Click on the WIRL icon to go to just a few of these commercials which are hosted on the WIRL website!

What a great website!!

As a native Peorian our family ate at the Sandy's Drive-In on McClure near Linn Street. I also remember eating at the downtown Sandy's. It was in the 300 block of Main Street.

I have in my collection two old Sandy's glasses (clear glass -small) with the "Scottish Lassie" on them. I also have some Sandy's "Quick Chiller" blue plastic cups (12 oz.) that they gave away in the early seventies just before they sold out to Hardees.

Also, my oldest brother worked at the first Sandy's restaurant on Sheridan Rd. across from Sheridan Village back in 1959. The restaurant is now a DQ but you can still see the original Sandy's building framework inside of the glass enclosed structure.

If you were watching Channel 47's "At Issue" last week you would have heard the WIRL Robyn Weaver Sandy's Lent commercial playing at the end of the program. I was a guest on the program with Lee Ranson and Lee Malcolm (both WIRL former DJs) talking about some of the history of WPEO and WIRL radio.

Lee Ranson said (on that program) that Sandy's outsold McDonalds 10 to 1 during the height of their popularity. I have a taped copy of it.

Larry Ware

Peoria, IL

Larry also provided this stellar picture of the Peoria McClure location out of his high school yearbook as well as the corporate Sandy's Earl Nightingale inspirational record "Win With Sandy's". This recording was required listening for Sandy's personel! More pictures of the Nightingale program can be found on the Sandy's Maquoketa, Iowa page.

Here is the scan of the Sandy's Peoria McClure location in 1971 or 1972. It was in my Freshman 1972 yearbook. Funny thing about that yearbook picture. I had to reverse the photo they used in the ad. They had it printed backwards!!!

Hardees took over the McClure location back in the mid 70's. They used the original building for a few years.

The original Sandys building on that site was torn down and a Hardees building was built just West of the original building on the same lot. This occurred back in the late 70's (?), maybe early 80's, if memory serves me correctly to provide more ample indoor seating. Then that Hardees operated until just a year ago and was just recently bought out by a local franchise called "Grandpa Johns Bar-B-Que." So it's back in business after about a year of being boarded up - now in the fast food rib business.

Sandy's training record!

Click on the Win With Sandy's record to listen to the record itself!

Was side one's backhand slapping not enough for you? Are you tempted to betray Sandy's by giving away free food to your buddies? Are you ready to be clean... and I mean clean yourself as clean as possible as a human being could get?!!!! Then click here and go to side two!

Larry also provided pictures of his minty-mint Sandy's glasses along with a classic vintage radio. He hung on to his Sandy's Quick Chiller cup as well! Check out the Sandy's Maquoketa, Iowa page for the advertisement of the cup!

This is the 1953 Crosley radio with the 60's Sandy's glasses!

Here is the Quick Chiller cup. When I was in grade school, I used one of these cups to mount a transistor radio on my bicycle. I took the radio out of its plastic cabinet and glued it onto the Quick Chiller cup. Then I took out the bottom of the cup and glued the speaker to the bottom and mounted the entire radio and cup to my handlebars. It sounded really good. The cup amplified the speaker so I could hear WIRL and WLS Chicago radio on the road!

Check out Larry's 1973 radio bike at this website

and that's the way it is from Larry, Hope, James, John, Daniel and our fine dog, Shelby!

If you have any memorabilia, pictures or stories of Sandy's in Peoria, Illinois or elsewhere, please email me!