Sandy's Memorabilia page 3

Sandy's Memorabilia page 3

special thanks to Mr. and Mrs. Larry Lock and the Kewanee Historical Society

Here is a rare set of Sandy's blueprints for a Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania location.

click on the Sandy's blueprint picture to see a full view of the blueprint

This is the billboard that greeted memeber of Sandy's corporation at the 1968 Sandy's "Up Up and Away" national convention. Notice the Sandy's motto "Come as you are, hungry!" The cartoon image of the miner is doing just that which was the continuing theme of the Sandy's ads.

Holidays were a favorite time of promotion for Sandy's. This is the "letters to Sandy Claus" promotion for Christmas. In this outstanding promotion, a child would fill out a letter to Sandy Claus, take it to the nearest Sandy's location and receive a hamburger free of charge no purchase necessary!

Sandy's ash tray

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Yet another Sandy's ash tray

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In addition to ash trays, Sandy's also had zippo lighters which employees could purchase. Dave Lester owned such a lighter as well as a Sandy's watch! The watch and lighter were lost long ago but thankfully he also gave one to his dad who carried it with him for some time and Dave now has provided a scan of it! Please visit Dave's excellent website soon at which is Home of the Internationally Renowned Studebakers!

These Sandy's glasses with the Sandy's head icon, late 1960's to early 1970's were used by Sandy's as a promotional give-away. They were given out for free at grand openings and were also part of one of Sandy's most popular promotions, purchase a shake and receive the small glass with it for free!

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This is a late 1960's to early 1970's beverage cup regular size drink. It has the later version Sandy's head icon. Initially, three pops were offered by Sandy's; Coca Cola, orange and root beer.

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Sandy's cups were made by dixie and this one is a classic from the mid 1960's with the Sandy's scottish dancing girl icon

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Sandy's napkin completed auction..

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Sandy's hand-held playball give-away promotion from Salina, Kansas Sacred Heart High School

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Sandy's in Quincy, Illinois items completed auction includes two Sandy's vintage hats, an article about Sandy's in Quincy going electric and a picture of St. Patrick's Day O Fun. Sandy's always had a great promotion for every holiday and St. Patrick's Day was no exception. A great copy of the ad for O' Sandy's day is found on page two of the Moline location under the locations icon!

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This ruler was auctioned by sjascroft3 on ebay in March of 2005. The ruler states that it is a July 1969-October 1970 metal calendar ruler advertising the Sandy's Restaurant which used to stand at 1423 Harrison Street in Davenport IA. The famous phrase "The Home of the Plaid Beret Come As You Are...Hungry" is inscribed below the address.

sandy's ruler

Sandy's trick or treat bag.

Sandy's 1971 record. President Jack Laughery speaks to all employees and reveals the new ad campaign jingle.

At Sandy's, pencils were used in different ways. At back to school time, they were given out as a promotion. One in particular mentioned joining the munch bunch. Another way they were used was for taking orders. Orders were written on a pad of paper. The pencils in the picture state "join the Sandy's set" which was the promotional tag line presented to prospective franchisees.

Smoking was allowed most everywhere in the 1960's and 1970's. Here is a Sandy's ash tray which sat on a table at Sandy's.

Auctioned on ebay in September 2005, here is another version of the Sandy's cup, found in a home in Wichita, Kansas!

Yet another Sandy's Halloween bag! Picture courtesy of Nancy's Lost & Found, nancyslf on ebay!

Shopton-yards auctioned this Sandy's pin on ebay in February 2006! The hogs reference is obviously regarding Kewanee, Illinois, the hog capitol of the world being Sandy's National Headquarters hometown!


Sandy's fan Doug Smith remembers Sandy's in Davenport, Iowa and has two pieces of classic memorabilia including the incredibly rare Sandy's Christmas ruler!


I enjoyed looking at your Sandy's website. I have two old pieces of memorabilia from the Sandy's sites of the Quad Cities area. These items probably came from a Davenport location. One is an old metal Christmas ruler, and the other is a plastic cup holder for your car.

Thanks for the great site!,


Sandy's Zippo lighter auction on Ebay November 2006. Every Sandy's owner had one of these! Auctioned by ipsco15.

Sandy's promotional gold coin give-away!

Sandy's Show Stoppers Record Album which was sold as a promotion at Sandy's locations.
Special thanks to Mitchell Seale, Manager, RememberWynn Records, Pensacola, Fl.
Click on the album for a larger picture.

If you have any memorabilia, pictures or stories of Sandy's, please email me!