Sandy's Mishawaka Indiana

Sandy's Mishawaka Indiana

Annette Brown writes - "We had a Sandy's restaurant in the 1960's in Mishawaka, Indiana on Lincolnway West. It was a great store, sitting right in front of the local high school!" Perhaps Annette's favorite Sandy's location is labeled as South Bend on the list of 1968 Sandy's. Another possibility is that it was a sister store to South Bend which opened after the 1968 convention!

Ross Trimboli adds - There were two Sandy's restaurants in Mishawaka, Indiana in the 60's. One was on Lincolnway East, just west of Mishawaka High School. It later became a Burger Chef, then a Hardee's before it was closed and later demolished as the high school expanded west. The other location was on Mc Kinley Avenue (US 20) on the north side of town. It later became an Arby's, which it still is today.

Just a follow-up to what Annette Brown wrote. I noticed that the entry you have from Annette is the same one I mentioned as being near Mishawaka High School, but I think she meant Lincolnway East, not Lincolnway West.

Ross Trimboli

Mishawaka, Indiana

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