Sandy's Murraysville, Pennsylvania

Sandy's Murraysville, Pennsylvania

Sandy's fan Joseph E. Sabol remembers Sandy's Murraysville, Pennsylvania location. Murraysville most likely opened in 1965.

04/24/2007 ... I am turning 39 in May. When I was 3, my parents moved from Belle Vernon, PA to Murrysville because my father had accepted a position as a biology teacher at near-by Plum Boro School District. This was just before the Hardee's purchase of Sandy's.

Anyway, when we moved to Murrysville, the Sandy's was still in existence at the intersection William Penn Highway (US Rt. 22) and Vincent Hall/Trafford Road. It is "Vincent Hall Road" on the north side of Rt. 22; "Trafford Road" on the south side. The Sandy's sat at the southwest corner of this intersection, just above a creek that runs parallel to Rt. 22 at this point. There was a tiny 5-car parking lot on the west side of the building; but, there was a small foot bridge passing over the creek at the rear, that connected the building to a parking lot on the south side of the building, which was larger AND allowed for car-hop service. The funny thing is my family must have ONLY gone to Sandy's for their chicken meals, because that is how I remember the name; as "Sandy's Chicken."

Anyway, not long after we moved there, Hardee's took over and changed the name and menu. They retained the car-hop service at the rear parking lot for a short time, and even added a small eat-outside pavilion in a grassy spot adjacent to the rear parking lot.

The building still exists today (April 2007), though greatly modified and expanded. Hardee's abandon it some time in the late 80s and it has since been several things including a small gourmet café. I believe it is once again vacant at this time though.

Joseph E. Sabol, III LEED AP

Facilities Designer/Space Planner

DBI Architects for US Department of State

04/01/2009 ... Hi,

I’m the guy who informed you of the former Sandy ’s at the intersection of Trafford Road & William Penn Highway (US Rt. 22) in Murrysville PA. It was converted to a Hardees when I was a child, but I believe I told you of remembering it as Sandy ’s and that my family loved getting fried chicken there (my sister & I have long referred to the place as “Sandy’s Chicken”).

In any case, it converted to a Hardees, was that way for the longest time but then Hardees closed all of their Pittsburgh area restaurants. The building then morphed multiple times, the last one I remember being a gourmet deli. The last time I saw the place was as that deli in 2006; I believe I even e-mailed you about it around that time.

Alas, since then, things have changed drastically and the building is no more. It appears to have been wiped out by the US Rt. 22 widening project in Murrysville . Where the building once stood, there is now a major turning lane from Rt. 22 on to Trafford Road for those wishing to avoid the traffic light there.

Joseph E. Sabol, III