Sandy's 7319 N. University, Peoria, Illinois

Sandy's fan Justin remembers Sandy's at 7319 N University St, Peoria, Illinois.

Greetings: Great website!

I will try to get an exact address for you but your list is missing the Sandy's that operated on North University in Peoria, IL.

I remember it because my cub scout troop got to spend some time behind the counter with a tour while wearing those paper food service hats emblazoned with the plaid Sandy's logo, and having dinner there...back in the early '70s.

This was a fairly new Sandy's (otherwise, my family would typically go to the one on McClure) as well as occasionally visit Peoria's first McDonalds (corner of University and War Memorial Dr.) or one of the Mr. Quick restaurants in the city.

Anyway, this North University Sandy's did convert to a later closed in the late '90s or early 2000s and is now an independent restaurant called "Chicago Grill," serving burgers and hot dogs.

Additionally, the downtown Sandy's eventually converted to a Hardees...until that block was demolished to make way for urban the 80s.

Justin West Peoria, IL

Update 12/05/2006 .... I have checked directories at the Peoria library, and here are the locations of all of the Sandy's in Peoria. All did, in fact, convert to Hardees!

1) This had to be one of the last SANDY's built in the country, as a Sandy's, probably '71-'72: 7319 N. University

2) This one had to be right near the end as well: 4419 N. Prospect Rd., Peoria Heights

3) This is No. 1: 4204 N. Sheridan Rd

4) This was an early Sandy's as well: 200 W. McClure Av. (incidentally, many of the unattributed photos on the Peoria Sandy's page are shots of the McClure location)

5) Not sure when this one was built, probably in the early to mid '60s: 401 S. Western Av.

6) Here was the nonstandard location: 423 Main Street (downtown Peoria)

7) Across the Illinois River: 100 S. Main, Creve Coeur

There ya go...I'll let you know if I find any more info!

Justin West


If you have any memorabilia, pictures or stories of Sandy's in Peoria or elsewhere, please email me!