Sandy's Pekin, Illinois

Sandy's Pekin, Illinois

Sandy's opened its first location on Sheridan Road in Peoria, Illinois. This location exploded which lead to the creation of the Sandy's chain. It was natural that surrounding cities would support the now wildly popular Sandy's drive-in.

One of these cities is nearby Pekin, Illinois. Sandy's opened their twelfth location in Pekin at 1301 Court Street. This location most likely opened in late 1960. It along with the other original Sandy's was a major success leading to a sister store at 312 Derby Street which probably opened in 1967.

Sandy's on Court does not appear on the 1973 final Sandy's list and it is unclear as to if it was still in operation at that time. It does however appear on the 1968 list. In any case, the Derby Sandy's switched to Hardees in 1973 and today is a used car dealership with the building showing no resemblance of Sandy's. Court Street Sandy's, as of 07/08/06, no longer exists. The site is now an Arby's thus maintaining the location as an eating establishment some four decades after it first opened!

Notice that in the first pictures the counter is the classic Sandy's walk-up while in the last picture it is in the fall or winter and the "winter cover" has been added (the glass section which protected the customers from the elements while they were standing in line)!

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01/07/2009 ... Sandy's fan Troy Smith wrote;

I forwarded the Sandy's Sterling link to my mother-in-law, and she replied with some info on the 312 Derby Street Sandy's in Pekin. She grew up there, and recalled going there as a kid. I checked it out today and it is no longer a car lot; it was recently used as Pekin Video. It is also out of business, so the property is vacant. I took the liberty of snapping some more photos. It looks as though the original Sandy's building was "covered up" when it converted to Hardee's. The interior shots didn't reveal much, but I'll bet there are some clues hidden by the ceiling tiles.

I also checked out the Arby's on 1301 Court St. It looks new, but if you look closely at the sidewalks and surrounding fixtures, it sure looks like the building has just be renovated. I'd like to take a peak up above the ceiling tiles....maybe we'd find some wooden beams!



06/26/2009 ... I am from Pekin and clearly remember both the Court St and Derby St Sandy's I have memories of my friend's family (the Arterberry's) either owning or having part ownership of both Sandys.

Anna Marie (Kiesel) Hooks

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