Sandy's Pensacola

Sandy's Pensacola

Sandy's had two locations in Pensacola Florida. They were Sandy's #200 which was located at 740 Navy Blvd. (which as of 2006 is a Duncan Donuts) and Sandy's #201 which was located at 3000 Pace Blvd. The two hundred number suggest a 1970 opening but J. Shaw has revealed that both opened by early 1961! Perhaps the buildings had a make-over which lead to a number change. These twin locations joined their sister Florida location which was Sandy's #199 in Tampa. Later, another Tampa location opened along with a St. Petersburg, Florida location.

Sandy's in Pensacola became legendary sites as they remained Sandy's along with 10% of all other Sandy's instead of changing into Hardees in 1973!

01/16/2009 ... Sandy's Pensacola Owner Jack Simon wrote;

I began with Sandys in Decatur, Il, in 1960, then opened stores in Marion, Ind, Lawrence, Ks, and Memphis, Tn, managing the stores in Marion and Memphis.

Decatur had a slow opening, but at the time I left to go to Marion, she was quite successful, we were putting a whipping on McDonalds. We were owned by the Spanton "combine", which, while I was with them, opened more stores in Bloomington, Marion, Lawrence, and Memphis. I opened, or assisted in the opening, of the last three.

Buck was, indeed, the son of Maurice Spanton. I do know that Maurice was from Winona, but at the time I left the combine, no store had been opened in Winona. It's my understanding that about the time I changed my name to "Jacks Beefburgers", Maurice changed to "Bucky's", after his son. I did not convert to Hardees (although given that option), because at the time, Hardees had only one store in Pensacola, and it had a poor image.

I opened and managed Sandy's of Memphis in 1961, then moved to Pensacola to manage Sandy's of Navy Boulevard, in 1962. I managed this store until 1968, at which time I moved to, and managed, our sister store, Sandy's of Pace Boulevard, supervising both stores. In 1970, I bought both stores, incorporating under the name Bubscott Inc. (for my two sons, Bubba and Scot). Following the merger of Sandy's Franchise with Hardees in 1973, I sold the Pace store, kept the Navy, renaming it Jacks Beefburgers and keeping the same menu (although I renamed the Big Scot to Big Jack). I still have people today ask my for the recipe for the sauce.

In 1988, my leasor on the Navy store passed away, her heir wouldn't renew my lease, and since neither of my kids were interested in continuing in the business. I packed it in. The Navy Boulevard building has since been torn down.

The Navy store never got off the ground. As a matter of fact, it hit the bottom of the pole from day one. I think the challenge, together with the idea of moving to FLORIDA, were my prime reasons in coming down here. My future wife took my first bank, we turned the store around, and the rest is history. The Pace store was not a Sandys building. It was built by an independent businessman who saw the business McDonalds (across the street) was doing, and decided to cut himself a piece of the pie. Unfortunately, he knew nothing about the fast food business and soon sold the business to Sandys, who put our sign on the roof, the Scottish lass atop the yard sign, and sold hamburgers for fifteen cents. The McDonalds across was, at the time, #1 in the entire chain. I sold the store to an independent, kept the Navy store, at the time I changed the name of the Navy store to Jacks.

At the time I left Sandys, the staff included Gust (Brick) Lundberg, founder, Jack Laughery, president, Kenny Andris, Bob Wenger, Paul White, and "Army" Armstrong. Brick would occasionally visit the stores, but the main "road" man was Kenny Andris, whom we affectionally called "The great white father", whose job it was to inspect all Sandys, making sure they were up to standard.

We had no relation to the Sandy's of Largo, Fl. I understand that Marty O'Connor, once president of Sandy's Franchise, retired in that area.

The fact that the Memphis store and the Pensacola store both were located near naval air stations is merely coincidental.

The Navy store was the "hang-out" for the kids of west Pensacola.

Jack Simon

10/27/2006 ... Buddy Macon remembers Sandy's in Pensacola, Florida!

Sandy's in Pensacola Florida was THE hangout. Remember the tenderloin and Big Scot sandwiches?! The Big Scot was King Kong of sandwiches, served in a circular cardboard container wrapped in foil.. Now, for the question, does anybody remember the recipe for the Big Scot sauce? Surely one of the former burger bosses has the recipe… Just to taste a Big Scot one more time would be nirvana.

Buddy Macon

11/18/2006 ... J. Shaw has joined the legends club on this website. He drove to Sandy's legendary Pace location in Pensacola and took pictures of what the site currently looks like today!

I was recently in Pensacola on business, and having visited your site, I decided to do some research. I now know that the addresses of the two Pensacola Sandy's were 3000 N Pace Blvd and 740 Navy Blvd. The Navy Boulevard location outlasted the Pace location judging from the phone directories, but incredibly the Pace Boulevard building remains today, while the Navy Boulevard building has apparently been demolished. Below is a picture of the Pace Boulevard building.

The two Pensacola Sandy's first appear in the Pensacola telephone directory in early 1961!! They were among the earliest of Southern locations, and lasted into the early 1970's. If I remember correctly, the Navy Boulevard location outlasted Pace Boulevard by a couple of years. There could have been some connection between the Pensacola and Memphis locations, in that these opened around the same time, and two other curious facts. Memphis had a Naval Air Station at Millington, and Pensacola had (and still has) a Naval Air Station, and Pensacola Beach is a preferred resort destination for Memphians (although replaced by Destin more in recent years). All circumstantial, but interesting.

Special thanks to J. Shaw for this incredible detective work! 3000 N Pace is now Express Insurance & Tax Services as of November 2006. The building itself has been squared off and is no longer recognizable as Sandy's. However, look closely as the kitchen/storage area of the Sandy's building can clearly be seen in the current picture of the Pace location. The only other visible sign of Sandy's is quite possibly the classic front roof fin may still remain hence the circa 1970 design of the building's roof. The side roof fins appear to have been removed.

To see what Sandy's Pensacola locations looked like, click here to see Pensacola's identical twin location in Largo. Largo and the two Pensacola locations were Sandy's #199, #200 (Navy Blvd) and #201 (Pace Blvd)!

Frequent contributor to this website Rob Delius provides a shot of the Pensacola city directory listings for Sandy's.

This is the 1963 listing.

This is the 1974 listing.

I checked the Pensacola directories. Both Sandy's were still listed in '74 Pace was still listed in '76 but not in '77. Scuby's Subs was listed at that location in '77 with Subway appearing in '86 and '93. Navy was listed as Jack's Beef Burgers in '77 not Sandy's in '76.

3000 pace is listed as Sandy's Bubescott Inc Drive-In. I do not know for sure but perhaps this was the owner.


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