Sandy's 401 S. Western Peoria

Sandy's 401 S. Western Peoria

Ron Rose remembers Sandy's on Western in Peoria. As a matter of fact, he found someone very special working there!

Interestingly, Western is listed as being location #224 on the 1973 final Sandy's list. However, it is listed as #8 on the 1968 locations list. It was indeed Sandy's #8, built most likely in 1960 following its powerhouse sister location, Sandy's #1, on Sheridan. Perhaps Western was remodeled into a fourth generation Sandy's by the early 1970s and had been renumbered along the way. In any case, Sandy's #8, Western, was yet another powerhouse Peoria location!

What a small joy and memory to see this website!

And what a story.... Sandys was huge in Peoria!

I grew up in the Peoria area and went to school at Franklin Grade on Columbia Terrace...(in fact we lived right across the street from it) and graduated from Peoria Central in 1970.

I did go the the store on Mclure... but what I don't see is a location mentioned on your site of the the Sandys on Western. It was right at the foot of the hill... just before entering "the southside" and "Manual Country".

My girl friend (who I eventually married) worked there. I remember taking her and picking her up from work in my first car (62 Comet... with a 3 on the column). I just didn't know a clutch that well... so to avoid that hill in mid-winter (the light at Western and High), I would drive uptown (to downtown) and come up Main or Underhill... with no lights on the hill (oooooh the terror of slipping the clutch on a hill)!

Great site... and very interesting!


Ron Rose

02/02/2008 ... Sandy's fan Marlene Marsh writes ...

Hi, I enjoyed your reminders of Sandy's. As a southsider and Manual graduate of 1955, we frequented the Sandy's on Western Avenue. Since the stores had a Scottish theme, I assumed they had become a part of McDonalds. I was surprised that they were purchased by Hardees.

I have an interest in WIRL because I had a dear friend who worked a short time for WIRL. I believe it was in the 60s. He lived at the Peoria Y at the time. From there he moved on to Chanenel 8 in Des Moines. His name was Charles Leon Tobey and he had gone to a television/radio school in Louisiana following his years in the Army and prior to his time at WIRL.

Leon passed away in September, but his son's family lives in Des Moines. I would enjoy any photos that might exist from his days there, and I know his family would also.

I still venture back to Illinois to visit my few remaining relatives. Thanks for the memories.

Marlene Marsh

If you have any pictures from Charles Leon Tobey's time at WIRL, please click here to email me!

If you have any memorabilia, pictures or stories of Sandy's in Peoria, Illinois or elsewhere, please email me!

Special thanks to Troy Smith for the Peoria Sandy's program ad!