Sandy's Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Sandy's Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Not much is known about Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Sandy's locations. There were at least seven locations by 1968 with all of these opening in the mid 1960's. Pennsylvania is not listed on the final 1973 Sandy's list so perhaps they had been sold off as part of reorganization. It might just be an oversight on the 1973 list as the entire state of Indiana Sandy's are missing as well. Special thanks to frequent contributor and Americana historian Rob Delius who provides a quick insight into one Pennsylvania Sandy's by providing the city directory (both white and yellow pages) listings! Note the manager's name Kenneth Strasser as well as the location 7628 Penn.

Robby Delius provides this terrific scan of the 1965 Miss Sandy's contest from the Pittsburgh area Sandy's!!! Notice the three Sandy's locations mentioned. There were probably only three Sandy's in the Pittsburgh area at the time. None of the Pittsburgh Sandy's were on the 1973 final Sandy's list so it is not known if they folded, flipped to Hardees or became something else by 1973 or perhaps they were inadvertantly omitted from the list.

Robby continues with the great discoveries. This time with an arial shot of Coraopolis, Pennsylvania Sandy's! This Sandy's is the Moon Township Sandy's mentioned as one of the three Pittsburgh locations in the above Sandy's girl article!

The Sandy's I went to was what I think you have listed as Pittsburgh #2 Coraopolis. It is actually in Moon Township on what was then Beers School Road (now University Blvd.). It was located across from where the old Pittsburgh airport was located. I loved the hamburgers there, and still miss them. Thought they were superior to McDonalds.

The original building is still there. It has gone from Sandy's, to Hardee's, then a Chinese restaurant or two. Now it is a Quizno's.

Any chance for a Sandy's resurrection?


Tony Zupancic in Pittsburgh

05/14/2009 ... A friend gave me a link to the Sandy's web site, because he'd read in my memoir that I'd gone to Sandy's for burgers and fries when I'd visit downtown Pittsburgh to spend weekend days with a cross-town buddy.

My memoir is called Sense of Wonder: A Life in Comic Fandom. Not that I'm trying to sell it to you, but there's a bit about it on my web site

The Sandy's we went to was an inner-city variety, sandwiched (so to speak) between two other stores, it was small and if it had tables at all, these were circular with small diameters, like 18 " . The decor, as I recall, had a lot of orange & yellow, but my memory could be playing tricks on me.

We'd buy 3 burgers and 2 orders of fries a piece, because the burgers weren't very big, and huge Cokes, and take all the food back to my Dad's office downtown, which was abandoned on the weekends. He allowed us in to use the typewriters and to have a base of operations for our activities during the day. We were comic book fans and fanzine publishers, and would search all around the city for used book stores that might have some old comic books, or hot rod mags, or monster mags.

Anyway, that's about all I remember. Oh, it was in 1967.


If you have any memorabilia, pictures or stories of Sandy's dynasty in Pennsylvania or elsewhere, please email me!