Sandy's Pittsfield Illinois

Sandy's Pittsfield, Illinois

Sandy's fan Lisa just became a hero on the Sandy's website by finding one of the "lost" Sandy's! "Lost" Sandy's are those which do not appear on the 1968 or 1973 Sandy's official corporate lists! Great job Lisa!

I looked all over your site and I can't find any reference to the Sandy's that was in Pittsfield, IL. The building still stands at 946 W Washington Street and is a Hardees now. I know it was a Sandy's as late as the end of 1973 when I moved there. My family moved from Pittsfield and when we returned in 1977 it was a Hardees. I remember it but the only pictures I've seen are in old yearbooks. I may be able to find other information through old newspapers. I loved your website.

If you have any memorabilia, pictures or stories of Sandy's in Pittsfield, Illinois or elsewhere, please email me!