Sandy's Rochester, Minnesota

Sandy's Rochester, Minnesota

Sandy's fan Randy Smith not only remembers Sandy's in Rochester, Minnesota, he worked there!

I was one of the first employees of the Sandy's in Rochester MN. That was in 1967 and I was still in high school at the time. If you were in 12th grade you could get out of school, a half day to work. I worked there about a year but I can't remember who my boss was, however, he was a nice boss. - Randy Smith

Sandy's fan Alan Seaver provides an incredible picture. It is of the Sandy's building in Rochester, Minnesota! Alan explains that the building itself no longer exists but you can clearly see in this 1978 picture that it is definitely Sandy's.

The first give-away is the classic Sandy's wooden beams which can be seen through the front windows. Incredible! The Hardees sign on top is actually the original Sandy's sign with Hardees superimposed. Also, the roof fins which have been rounded off have the Sandy's plaid of the Sandy's fourth generation buildings attached as a facade. This building to most people is generally thought of as an original Hardees building when in fact, apart from the name, it is 100% Sandy's all the way! Special thanks to Alan for this incredible shot!

Hi. I saw your comment on Kiger's Notebook looking for pictures of the old Sandy's in Rochester.

Unfortunately, the original building no longer stands (it was replaced with a modern generic Hardees, which is now an Indian restaurant).

Almost everything to the East of the site is and was residential. There is/was a shopping center kitty-corner across the intersection, and a middle school across the street. A block up is a Libby's plant that probably had a lot of workers strolling over on their lunch breaks.

The only picture I was able to come up with shows the original building after it had been converted to a Hardee's in the early '70s--and was taken during the 1978 flood. So it's not exactly a super-attractive example. --Alan Seaver

Its a terrific example Mr. Seaver!

06/09/2008 ... Sandy's fan Kent Kohlmeyer remembers Sandy's in Rochester!

I enjoyed looking through the website. The Sandy's website brings back some good memories of good times in history. I remember eating at the Sandy's restaurant in Rochester, Minnesota. I remember when Hardee's acquired the Sandy's name and they took down the big glass-slanted Sandy's building and built a simple-looking Hardee's building there. Hardee's ads were different. The approach was the "charcoal-broiled" burger, making the fast food franchise unique. Anyway, if I remember correctly, didn't some of the Sandy's commercials have a jingle at the end of them that went like this:

"Sandy's puts the fun into...eating out."

KFC, around the same time:
"Kentucky Fried Chicken, won't you come and visit me." (The Colonel)


If you have any memorabilia, pictures or stories of Sandy's in Rochester, Minnesota or elsewhere, please email me!