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Sandy's St. Cloud, Minnesota

Sandy's St. Cloud, Minnesota

Gary Olson started with Sandy's four decades ago, became a manager with Sandy's, is now a district manager for Hardees and is a welcomed contributer to this site, providing a history of Sandy's Minnesota locations!

Mr. Olson remember the following; I was hired by Ken Miyamoto in St. Cloud as an employee earning my way through college for $1 per hour. A couple of years later he left to open his own Sandy�s in Dinkytown on the campus of the University of Minnesota. He was replaced by Allen Freed who Sandy�s later moved to Elmhurst, near Chicago. Allen was replaced by Ray Voit.

We were still Sandy�s when Ray left and partnered with Ken and Glen Andris, and Jack Conant to open the Sandy�s in Alexandria MN, and Fergus Falls, MN. That is when I became manager. Later I was promoted to District manager and was replaced by Pete Gohman. By then it was a Hardee�s.

It was during my time as manager that St. Cloud Sandy�s converted to Hardee�s.

There was also a Sandy�s in Brainerd MN, opened by Gordy Michschl as manager. Gordy later left that location to open a store in Wilmar MN with Ray Voit, but I do not remember if that opened as a Hardee�s or Sandy�s. There was also a Sandy�s in Bemidji MN run by John Tiggastaad.

If you have any memorabilia, pictures or stories of Sandy's in St. Cloud Minnesota or elsewhere, please email me!