Sandy's Santa Rosa, California

Sandy's Santa Rosa, California

Special thanks to Sandy's own Mr. Ron Burris who gave this recollection of Sandy's in Santa Rosa, California;

I took over managing the first CA location after it had been open for about eight months. It was losing money hand-over-fist when I first arrived, but ten months later, we were in the black (with all back debt paid).

This location was on Mendiceno Avenue in Santa Rosa, CA (about an hour north of San Francisco by car). THIS WAS A COMPANY-OWNED RESTAURANT. The 2nd and final location was a franchised location in Lodi, CA, owned by three local Doctors. I helped train their first manager and also helped open the Restaurant initially and supervised it for the first year that it was open.

I was in CA from 1968-70 until I was promoted into the Home Office in Kewanee from there.

The only two locations, as mentioned above, that ever operated in the state were opened in early 1968 and both were sold out prior to the merge with Hardees in 1972.


KVRE Radio Station, Santa Rosa, California 1970 Top 100 Country & Western Survey sponsored by Sandy's, auctioned by tunes for you in November 2006.

If you have any memorabilia, pictures or stories of Sandy's in Santa Rosa, California or elsewhere, please email me!