Sandy's Smyrna, Georgia

Sandy's Smyrna, Georgia

Sandy's fan Keith Dunn wrote;

I am also looking for info./stories/photo's of the old Sandy's Hamburger store in Smyrna. If you have any old photo's or any before mentioned, please email me!

I used to work there in the mid 60's. It was my first full time job. I started as a "Lot Boy" keeping the parking lot clean, emptying trash cans, etc. I started at 75 cents an hour.

I remember Frank Robinson was the one who hired me. I worked with my older brother Ken Dunn as well as Rick and Mike Summers, Rodney Holland (who badly burned his foot/leg when he accidentally stepped into a bucket of hot french fry grease), Fujio Hiyashi ( sp? ), Reed Conners, Hal Mayer and a few others that memory may restore names to later.

I eventually was promoted to "fry cook", learning first how to peel the potatoes in the red tumbler that bounced them around, skinning the peeling off .. and dumped them into a big stainless steel sink through a sliding door between the tumbler and the sink where I washed them then used the fry cutter grid to push them through to make them look like fries. Then I blanched them and took them to the walk-in freezer to hang until they got cooled off.

Later I was promoted again to be a cashier. We had fun contests to see how many customers we could ring up ... and the cash registers didn't have automatic adding machines .. we had to take the order and figure it up in our heads ... then count the change back to the customer. I also remember scrubbing the stainless counters with Ajax, moping the floors and keeping everything very clean. I even remember lying on my side and cleaning the pipes and under the sinks in the back room. Frank Robinson was very good at encouraging us to work well and work well together.

I remember wearing black pants, white shirt, a plaid bow-tie and hat ( Tam ). I enjoyed working the evening/night shift during the summer because we carried all the left over burgers, etc. home with us. The grill was pretty big and I remember slapping the beef patties all on the grill in lines, flipping them over and putting onions on them and letting them cook while we had the buns on a seperate table where we could use the cannister with a handle on it to quickly squirt measured amounts of mustard and ketchup on them.

The Hi-Lo's were really good. ( double cheese burger ) as were the fish sandwiches and the fried tenderloin. Delicious. While working there we were able to choose anything from the menu for our lunch or dinner break. Sooner or later, I had everything from their menu. I remember large drinks were 16 cents and was appalled when they went up to a quarter. Working the french fry vats I also cooked all the tenderloins, fish filets AND the fried pies. They certainly were good! Lots better than the ones you get now from McDonalds, etc. I have never found tenderloin on a bun in any way similar to the ones Sandy's had.

We had a pretty good Juke Box in the dining area as well. Seems we always had to have a cop in the back parking lot due to the threat of fights breaking out on weekends. I think everyone in Smyrna would atleast cruise through the parking lot on the weekend, racing their car engines, looking for girls and showing off their cars. Seems like I remember Rodney haveing an 440 Oldsmobile, jacked up in the back with racing stripson the top, hood and trunk.

If I can find some of my old high school year books I'll take a look in them to see if there happens to be any Sandy's pictures inside. The Smyrna Sandy's building was converted to a small used car lot at one time ... then torn down and something else was rebuilt there.

I still have a set of "6" Sandy's glasses. All in perfect condition. If you have any old photo's of that store ... or other info., could you send it all to me for the sake of nostalgia?!

Here is a photo taken in Smyrna when I was a Cub Scout. I'm somewhere in the photo below. Most folks don't remember Carrols. - Keith Dunn

UPDATE!!! 05/31/2009 ... I was in the area of the old Sandy's in Smyrna yesterday and had my camera so I stopped and took this next photo. The old Sandy's was completely torn down years ago and rebuilt as an eletronics retail store then a used car lot and now this ... an "Enterprise" car rental store. The current building is actually on the same foundation as the old Sandy's and the parking lot is about the same. - Keith Dunn

If you have any memorabilia, pictures or stories of Sandy's in Smyrna, Georgia or elsewhere, please email me!