Sandy's Springfield, Illinois

Sandy's Springfield, Illinois

Open most likely in 1967, Sandy's Springfield, Illinois (East location) was Sandy's #118. Sandy's Springfield East (18th & South Grand) was soon joined by its sister location Sandy's Springfield North which was located at 1135 N. 9th Street and was the chain's #120th location. Springfield had five known Sandy's. One opened most likely in 1965 while the other four probably opened in 1967. They were known as East, West, North, South and Downtown!

Sandy's fan Ken Torricelli remembers Sandy's Springfield, Illinois East!

I am a 46 year old attorney who practices in Champaign , Illinois . As a young man I grew up in Springfield , Illinois and recall the South Grand Ave. Sandy �s location.

My question is did Sandy�s serve a gooey, marsmallow treat which was served from a flat pan after being drizzled with a brown gooey caramel-like topping. Do I actually recall such a product? Ken Torricelli

01/08/2009 ...Sandy's fan Troy Smith finds the Springfield, Illinois South location still standing!

OK, here are the Springfield pics. Hope these are useful, especially the MacArthur location. Finding an original Sandy's building was quite exciting!

Included are pictures of:

Sandy's Springfield North at 1135 North 9th St
Sandy's Springfield Downtown on 217 South 5th St. It is a vacant lot soon to be home to a Korean War Memorial
Sandy's Springfield West at 602 West Jefferson
Sandy's Springfield East at South Grand Ave

A few are of the location that made the whole trip worthwhile, Sandy's Springfield South at 2100 South MacArthur. Check out the beams through the window! I was able to verify the architecture inside and it is unmistakably Sandy's. I was denied pictures of the inside, but hopefully I will be able to get access soon.

As an extra, I also included a picture of the South 9th Street Burger Chef, which is currently the Chinese Kitchen. Being a Cosmo II design, these buildings are almost as hard to find as an original Sandy's.

Troy Smith

Sandy's Springfield South

Notice in the above picture the Sandy's classic trademark wooden beams on the left hand side interior! The Sandy's building frame can clearly be seen, it has obviously been squared off!

Sandy's Springfield West (below)

Sandy's Springfield North (below)

Sandys Springfield Downtown (below)

Sandy's Springfield East

Sandy's rival Burger Chef Springfield location. The building still stands and the A-frame Burger Chef build-out can clearly be seen!

If you have any memorabilia, pictures or stories of Sandy's in Springfield, Illinois or elsewhere or the gooey treat that Ken is referring to, please email me!