Sandy's Stillwater, Oklahoma

Sandy's Stillwater, Oklahoma

Sandy's fan MaryEllen Graham not only remembers Sandy's, her dad was the manager of one!

My dad was a manager of Sandy's in Stillwater, Oklahoma in 1964. I was 14, and loved hanging out with the "guys" that worked there. I helped out on special occasions and holiday promotions. I have wonderful memories of those days! 15 cent Cheeseburgers!

06/08/2007 ... Sandy's fan Marty Randall remembers Sandy's!

In December of 1962, my granddad (dad's stepfather), my dad, and myself were at Sandy's Hamburgers in Stillwater, when my first of two younger sisters were being born, also at Stillwater. .... That is a classic memory. ....

One Sandy's building, the one in Muskogee, on West Okmulgee, is the AAA Auto Club office and travel agency, with much of the original design integrity remaining intact. ... It just shouts SANDY'S! at you. ... We have lived in Tulsa since 1965. ....

Tulsa TV Memories, or is a great resource for pop culture and media memorabilia of the internet!!!

I was born in 1961, and do recall the Sandy's Drive-in look. ....

Marty Randall, Tulsa,OK. ....

03/26/2009 ... Sandy's fan Khurshid Qureshi wrote;

I was at Oklahoma State University between 1969-1972 and my memories of vanilla milk shakes, fish burgers, fish and chips will live forever. Once in a while it used to snow in Stillwater and it was our tradition to go Sandy’s and have milkshake or ice cream cone and have fun. Sandy’s and Shakey’s were the places for cheap dates and lots of fun. With every snow fall comes the memories of Sandy’s milk shakes and the joy of service along with pretty girls who worked there.

Khurshid Qureshi

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