Sandy's 6950 Central Ave., St. Petersburg, Florida

Sandy's 6950 Central Ave., St. Petersburg, Florida

11/24/2006 ... Sandy's St. Petersburg was Sandy's #210.

Americana historian and frequent contributor to this website Robby Delius reports; I checked out the Central Ave address and there was no trace of Sandy's. There was just an eye doctor. It is possible the addresses have been changed but there was nothing in the area. Most likely the building was torn down to make room for offices. Here is a picture of what the location looks like today (November 2006).


Special thanks yet again to Robby Delius for the incredible detective work and for the picture of what was the once mighty Sandy's St. Petersburg location!

Special thanks to Robby Delius for the following clippings from the St. Petersburg Independent


Granted franchising rights for all of Florida by Sandy's, Inc., E. A. Johnson and son, E.A. Jr. of Kewanee, IL, will invest $160,000 in the construction in St. Petersburg of the drive-in chain's first restaurant in the Sunshine State.

The Johnsons will construct their Sandy's drive-in on a tract nearly two acres in the size on the south side of Central Avenue just west of where the Seaboard Air Line Railroad Co. tracks cross the city's principal east-west artery. The tract is bounded by 70th Street on the west and First Ave. South on the south.

The Johnsons, who expect work on the structure to begin in from three to four weeks, purchased the land from Elizabeth S. Mann, Larry Burnett of the Bay'n Gulf Realty Inc., 7814 Seminole Road N., represented them in the transaction.

Burnett and the Bay'n Gulf Realty will continue to represent the Johnsons in negotiating for Sandy's franchises throughout the state. Although no definite steps have been taken yet, the Johnsons are planning other Sandy's units in Pinellas.

Sandy's, Inc., has concentrated in Illinois, Ohio and Pennsylvania, up to now, but plans to expand its operations throughout Florida and possibly other states.

The Johnson's drive-in will provide a self-service type of restaurant. Included in the lay-out will be a patio where a person or groups may eat if they do not wish to eat in their car.


Construction of Sandy's Drive-In Restaurant at Central Avenue and 70th Street South has been started by Roberson-Kirby Steel Buildings Inc. of Tampa.

A tract, nearly two acres in size, is being used for the building, patio and parking area. The Johnsons have ordered a conventional type buliding with laminated beams, a large glass enclosure and a 20 by 60 patio that will be in addition to the 50 by 30 structure in which equipment and help will operate. The building is expected to be ready by Feb 1.


Sandy's is being rushed to completion for a possible opening next week after a delay. The St. Petersburg Sandy's is only the third in Florida. Two others have been in operation in Pensacola for some time. The Johnsons said today they plan other drive-in restaurants on the Suncoast. Their plans include one more in St. Petersburg and probably others in Clearwater, Tampa and Sarasota. The chain of restaurants now numbers 85.


Sandy's has 120 drive-in restaurants in the nation.

04/21/72 Sandy's tenderloin ad special thanks to Robby Delius

Special thanks to Robby Delius for the following Sandy's clippings. First is from 12/22/1966 and the second is from 7/2/70. If you happen to have Sandy's film for the phono-viewer which was at every location and included titles such as "How To Make A Hamburger" (and others which were similar), please email me!

If you have any memorabilia, pictures or stories of Sandy's in St. Petersburg, Florida or elsewhere, please email me!