Sandy's Toledo Ohio

Sandy's Toledo, Ohio

Sandy's fan Chris Dunham not only remembers Sandy's Glendale location, he worked there!

Chris was born and raised in Toledo Ohio and started his work experience at Sandy's. He learned while working there that the 3 most important things customers look for are: Quality, Cleanliness, and Service which he incorporates into his sales career to this very day! If you live in the Toledo area and are in the market for an auto, stop by and see Chris at Dave White Chevrolet. Visit Chris Dunham's website soon at

Hi, I worked at Sandy's in Toledo, 3312 Glendale, from the time I was a little kid till I was an older kid (1963-1970) I was a 10 year old who hung out at the place after school everyday so Bob Phipps (assistant manager) "hired" me to pick up the lot everyday. My pay was a 15� hamburger, 5� fries and 5� coke. I did this almost every day till I was 14. I was then legally hired to work by Bob Phipps, who had become the manager. From 1967 to 1970 I worked my way up from "lot boy" to assistant manager.

When Bob became manager, he made Jim Jensen his assistant. Jim went into the service so Bob hired his brother Carrol Phipps to be his assistant. After a year or so, Carrol went into the navy, and Bob made Tom Schnetzler his assistant. We were a franchise store, the owners were Stan Workman, Ted Kiddo, Mr. O'Conner, and Bob White. They opened a few other stores and took Tom Schnetzler to Mishuaka to train him to manage a store.

The owners then transfered Bob Phipps to Kewanee Il. and sent us a man by the name of Tom Grace to manage the store. Tom Grace did not last long in Toledo and Tom Schnetzler asked to be transferred back to Toledo to manage the store. Tom took over and managed till 1970. I am not sure what he did after that, I believe he went to work for another restaurant chain as I did and it was at this point Jim Jensen returned from the service and was rehired as the manager.

At this point Hardee's came to town and opened a location in west Toledo,( I believe this was in early 1972). The merger with Sandy's was taking place at this time, so for a short period we had Sandy's and Hardee's in Toledo.

Hardee's opened another location on Reynolds Road and Tom Schnetzler was hired to run that store. An additional Hardee's was opened on the East side of Toledo and I believe it was right around this time that Sandy's on Glendale became Hardee's.

Tom Schnetzler hired me at Hardee's on Reynolds to be his assistant manager. This was in summer of 1974 I believe. Shortly after that Jim Jensen was promoted to district manager. Bob Price took Jim's place as the manager at Sandy's/Hardee's on Glendale. I was just coming back to work for Hardee's at this time (1974) and I remember that there was some confusion over who was going to take Jim's place at Glendale (which was the best Hardee's location in Toledo). Bob Price was transfered here from Fayetteville I believe, I am not sure if he worked for Sandy's or Hardee's when he moved here. Jim Jensen was promoted to regional manager for Hardee's shortly after I started working for Hardee's and Bob Price was then promoted to district manager, Don Frost from Alexis Rd. Hardee's was transferred to Hardee's (Sandy's) on Glendale, and I was promoted to manager of the Alexis Rd. Hardee's. From 1974 to 1976 I managed that store.

Hardee's never really took off in Toledo and in 1976 the Alexis Rd and Navarre Ave. locations were sold to Arby's. The old Sandy's location was sold to a private entrepreneur who made it a diner and for years it was known as HD Charley's. It recently was renamed Grandma's I think just to be something new to attract business. So the "Old Burger Stand" still serves as a restaurant and you can still see where the trademark wood pillars are drywalled over and made to look like pillars in the dining room of "Grandma's". If you'd like pictures, I'd be happy to take them for you. Thanks for your Sandy's page, I appreciated the memories.

Sincerely, Chris Dunham

True to his word, Chris Dunham joins the legends club on this website by providing the first shots of the classic Sandy's beams at Glendale Sandy's! Sandy's will not be denied!

As you can see, Hardee's "hid" all of the famous wooden beams of Sandy's, which were visible from the outdoors. They are now presented as pillars in the dining room.

The Orange Facade of Hardee's is hidden by the shingles ... today you would never know it used to be Sandy's.

Side view of Grandma's Hardee's brick. The tile walls of Sandy's were hidden by Hardees makeover. The Sandy's plaid tile most likely still exists underneath!

Top of the wooden beam at "Grandma's" Previously Sandy's powerful location at Glendale Ave., Toledo, Ohio.

Huge thanks to Chris Dunham for the first view of Toledo Sandy's in over three decades!

09/09/2007 ... Sandy's fan Earl Sharninghouse writes... I used to frequent Sandy's in Toledo Ohio, on Glendale Ave. I worked at a local radio station located behind Sandy's and would stop by every day to eat their double burger, fries, pie and drink. I almost died when Hardee's replaced Sandy's.

I certainly wish someone would bring Sandy's (or a spin off of Sandy's with a different name if need be) back once again.

If you have any memorabilia, pictures or stories of Sandy's in Toledo, Ohio or elsewhere, please email me!