Sandy's Topeka Kansas

Sandy's Topeka Kansas

Chuck Kerls, has come thru again. Not only did he find the near impossible to find... an original Sandy's building in Wichita, Kansas, he has now found another original Sandy's building in Topeka Kansas!

Chuck found this Sandy's while driving, taking his son to college in Topeka. Without his camera at the time, he returned to Topeka and took pictures of this classic location.

Chuck writes...

I finally got the photos of the Sandys location in Topeka, Kansas. The address is 5324 17th Street. Note the tile is still in place on the side of the building.

As you can see it is now a scrapbook business.

Chuck Kerls

This location was Sandy's #129. The district manager was Roger Fries, a friend of this website! Opened in mid 1967, probably late April to early June, it was preceeded by Sandy's #128, 1449 Byron Street in Topeka. By this time, Sandy's was in the middle of its glory years, opening locations weekly across the country. Topeka had four known Sandy's locations.

With restoration, this Sandy's is ready to go! As Chuck mentioned, check out the ORIGINAL SANDY'S PLAID ON THE BUILDING!!!!!

Huge special thanks to Chuck Kerls. INCREDIBLE!!!

Roger Townley not only remembers Sandy's in Topeka... he ate at this very location on West 17th Street when he was a kid!


I have fond memories of Sandy�s in Topeka where I grew up. The one on W.17th Street was closest to my home and I used to ride my bike there. My favorite sandwich was the Big Scot and to this day it remains the best fast food burger I have eaten. I loved the combination of cabbage and sauce with the burger patties and cheese.

In 1984 I was hired by Hardee�s corporate office as Director of Research and Development in charge of all food product development and related technical services for the chain. Today I still live in Rocky Mount, NC, home of Hardee�s. I left their employ in 1990 to start by food product development firm.

I love your website and have all good memories of Sandy�s.

Roger Townley

05/26/06...Bob Wilber also found Topeka Sandy's!

Hi there... I'm an old Sandy's lover from the 60's, lived in Kirkwood, Missouri in the St. Louis suburbs, and even see our old Sandy's listed in the long section of old buildings. Very cool, and very nostalgic.

I'm in professional drag racing now, and we're racing in Topeka this weekend. On my way back to the hotel last night, I took a more scenic back way through the city streets and, much to my surprise, passed this classic Sandy's. Had to stop and take a pic...

This one is absolutely unmistakable, right down to the tartan stripes around the rear section of the building! It's now a scrap book store, but there's no telling how many business incarnations have inhabited this site since the demise of the original Sandy's store. A little piece of history, just sitting there in west Topeka.

Thanks so much!

Bob Wilber Team Manager - Worsham Racing

If you have any memorabilia, pictures or stories of Sandy's in Topeka, Kansas or elsewhere, please email me!