Sandy's Topeka, Kansas

Sandy's Topeka, Kansas

Sandy's fan Mark remembers Sandy's at 6th and MacVicar! This was location was number 75 for Sandy's and most likely opened in 1963 or 1964.

When I was in High school (1962-65) I worked at a hamburger joint at 6th & MacVicar where a Hardee's is today. I'm sure it was a Sandy's - but I could be wrong.

07/02/2008 ... Hi, The Sandy's on Sixth Street did become a Hardee's. They used the original building but it has been remodeled. The Hardee's is still operating.

I was little when Sandy's shut down, so I don't remember the food but my brothers and sister do. Sounds like a good place to eat.

I also have information on the 17th and Fairlawn Sandy's. It sat empty for several years. It then housed a cat associaton(no kill shelter). When the association moved it became a scrapbook store.

The pictures were great. I think the site is great. Take care Cassie Wright

If you have any memorabilia, pictures or stories of Sandy's in Topeka, Kansas or elsewhere, please email me!