Sandy's 5002 N Peoria Tulsa Oklahoma

Sandy's 5002 N Peoria, Tulsa, Oklahoma

Wanda Baker remembers Sandy's # 138. As a matter of fact, it was located across the street from her High School! It was opened sometime between late 1967 to early 1968 during one of Sandy's most explosive expansion periods!

There was a Sandy�s at 5002 N Peoria. It was directly across the street from McLain High School, where I graduated in 1973. One neat thing about having a Sandy�s right there is that we were the McLain Scots!!! Having a Scottish theme to our local hamburger joint fit in very well!

I hear Sandy�s described a lot as a cheap McDonald�s knockoff, but most of us back then actually preferred Sandys. We hated it when Sandy�s closed and we were forced to settle for McDonalds. I�d give anything for a HiLO and a root beer right now!

Larry Cornelison remembers the great times at Mc Lain's Sandy's in Tulsa as well!

Hi! My name is Larry W. Cornelison, living in OKC now, from the Mc Lain Scot's "Great" Class of '68--this is soooooo coool!--You don't know how many times that I've thought back to those days of lunches at Sandy's--I once had a Substitute Teacher that had me go across the street to get lunch for her, and of course, myself!! I couldn't eat during the winter months because I was a wrestler---I thought that the "Scottish" theme was planned being where it was (I was pretty naive (I was raised at Turley Children's Home at 61st and Cincinnati). It is funny to my friends that I still claim "Scottish Heritage" JUST because we were the Scots!!! Yeah!!! Enjoyed, the nostalgia of this!!! Thanks!

From - Sandy's fan Chris explains the picture presented above. There could be more pictures of Sandy's in Tulsa's yearbooks. If you live in the Tulsa area and are able to go the public library and provide scans of these pictures, please do! They are usually in the business sponsor page!

December 11 2006 at 06:37:39

Name: Chris (via email)

Topic: Sandy's Hamburgers

Comments: I scanned this out of a '73 Tulsa McLain yearbook. During that year, there were two Sandy's burger stands in Tulsa.

The first one went up right up in front of McLain High School, the next along 11th Street across from Skelly Stadium.

Funny thing about the one out north is that the place had a Scottish theme complete with the plaid outfit on the girl.

Next was that their burger "Super Scot" was also the name of McLain's alumni, and Dennis Scott was a teacher at that school at the time, whose nickname was "Super Scott". Happy eats along the strip...hahaha

If you have any memorabilia, pictures or stories of Sandy's in Tulsa, Oklahoma or elsewhere, please email me!