Sandy's 1205 Merrill Ave., Wausau, Wisconsin

Sandy's 1205 Merrill Ave., Wausau, Wisconsin

In yet another incredible update, Sharyn Heili, Reference Librarian at the Marathon County Public Library, presents scans from the Wausau West High School Aurora Year Book!

These terrific pictures are the first glimpse of Sandy's powerful Wausau location, which was Sandy's #192, in three and one-half decades! The building itself is a Sandy's third generation building, a twin of Iowa City Sandy's, among others, which were built in the late 1960's and most likely the very early 1970's.

The entire layout has been modified to present Sandy's new sit down indoors and have dinner theme. Sandy's started in the late 1950's as a walk-up drive-in but changed with the fast food industry by recognizing the profitable inside dining experience.

Sandy's in Wausau most likely became Hardees in 1973 during the buy-out of Sandy's. Along the way it was changed into an A&W and remains the same as of 2007.

Very special thanks to incredible Reference Librarian Sharyn Heili who provided these scans which are presented in order by year; 1971, 1972 and what was probably the final year of Wausau Sandy's operations - 1973. Pay special attention to the stellar business at Sandy's in the pictures as well as the third picture which is a terrific shot of the building and sign. INCREDIBLE!

04/13/2008 ... Sandy's fan John Weeks remembers Wausau Sandy's!


As a kid, lived on a farm just south of Merrill, WI. Our family often took trips down to the big city (Wausau) to shop at the Fleet Farm store, which offered farmers discount prices on parts and supplies. Us kids were often able to talk Mom and Dad into stopping at the Sandys, which was only blocks away from the Fleet Farm.

Being born in 62, my memories would be from maybe 67 to the buyout in 73. Sandys had just built a new location with the big glass windows and large wooden beams before it was taken over by Hardees. Hardees chopped off the roof extensions, built a new foundation around the outside, then put in glass that went straight up and down. This made the inside a bit bigger. The building stayed that way up until a few years ago. It has since been torn down and a new large gas station moved in. There was an A&W in the building last I recall, and the A&W is now in the gas station store.

I don't remember the food anymore. I do remember thinking that it was very good at the time. Hardees was pretty good after it took over, but Hardees quickly settled into their pattern which did not measure up to Sandy's standards. I did eat at the Hardees a number of times in the early 80's when I went to college in Wausau. There is a very large tech school just up the street that made for a large lunchtime rush.

I also remember having eaten at the Sandys in Antigo, and may have eaten at the one in Stevens Point once.

My parents did not like Hardees. After Hardees took over, we would drive down Grand Ave to the Burger Chef. They had a fixings bar at the time, which was a lot of fun for us kids. We ended up in that area anyway because we frequently needed lumber for farm projects and K-Mart was our closest lumber yard at the time. Imagine trying to buy lumber at K-Mart today.

The other chain in our area was Chiips. I plan to search for that, too, and see if anyone else remembers it.


Sandy's fan Daniel Tooley not only remembers Sandy's, he was part owner of Wausau Sandy's!

Hello.........My name is Daniel Tooley, and I was a manager/part-owner of a Sandy's in Wausau, WI for 24 years. The restaurant started as a Sandy's in November of 1969, and we became a Hardee's in 1973. I really enjoyed reading your website and it brought back many fond memories of Brick Lundberg, and all the other people that were involved at the home office in Kewaunee, Illinois.

It is easy to pick up on your sadness that this chain is no longer in existence, and I could not agree more. I had worked for Walt Rogers in La Crosse, WI when I was in high school, and for several years, we were the number one store in the chain. He turned out many young men who went on to their own careers as managers for Sandy's.

I do have at least two of the Sandy's light globes that you are talking about, and they are in mint condition. If you anyone would be interested in buying them, please click here to email this website & they will let me know.

I would welcome any correspondence from anyone ever associated with Sandy's. Thank you.

Daniel Tooley

If you have any memorabilia, pictures or stories of Sandy's in Wausau, Wisconsin or elsewhere, please email me!