Sandy's Ken Mar Wichita Kansas

Sandy's Ken Mar Wichita Kansas

12/28/2007 ... Sandy's fan Nola Walker Martin writes;

In Wichita, Kansas, I remember when the Sandy's on the NE corner of 13th Street North and Rochester was built. It was right across Rochester street from North High School. I worked in a little hamburger carry out named Jack's North Hi Carry Out, which was across 13th street and a little west of the Sandy's. Our little business had been there since 1951, and when Sandy's came in our boss just knew we would be run out of business. That didn't happen and we watched as the Sandy's became a Hardees. The building was subsequently torn down in the early to mid 1970's and the site is now part of North High's student parking lot. I have just located a Sandy's ashtray in my belongings if someone would like to have it. Its worn, but clearly recognizable. A whole bunch of North High graduates remember eating at Sandy's in the 1960s.

I was the owner who sold Jack's North Hi Carry Out in 2004 after having owned it since 1972. I worked there from the time I was 13 years old (as I said, neighborhood brat) in 1957. Currently it has closed due to a fire and has been resold to a North High alumnus from the 1970s. Hopefully they will be up and running again soon!

I remember in the 1970s when the Sandy's across the street and I would have occasion to lend and borrow stacks of cheese, etc. The manager who was there at the time, Warren Johnston, ironically, years down the road, was the husband of the daytime co-worker I hired who worked with me for many years and was still working there at Jack's when the fire closed it down.

Thanks again, you have a fun website!

01/05/2007 ... Sandys fan John De Armond wrote;

Hi, my name is John De Armond, known by many as "little John". I graduated from North High in 1972 and remember well the Sandy's at 13th and Rochester, it was a gathering place before, during and after school. I also attended the Wichita Area Vocational Technical School across town behind East High half days and the other half at North so our lunch was "open" before the school system allowed that practice, and many of my lunches were at Sandy's and consisted of the biggest and best Pork Tenderloin sandwich, fries, chocolate shake and an apple pie, or sometimes I'd have the "Big Scott", Sandy's answer to the inferior "Big Mac" at the clown place. The main difference in the two was that Sandy's used shredded cabbage instead of the lettuce that the clown place used.

Thanks for bringing back some good ole memories from way back then.

If you have any memorabilia, pictures or stories of Sandy's in Wichita or elsewhere, please email me!