Mr. Quick Hamburgers

07/27/2009 ...

Hi, I love your website. I never had the chance to eat at Mr. Quick but did take some pictures of some of the signs. This is a photo of the one on Washington street in Bloomington, Illinois taken in July 1990. Stan Sargent

04/23/2009 ... My father-in-law had in his lock box a stock certificate for shares in Mr. Quick, Inc. from 1969. The above image shows a scan of the certificate.

I suspect it is merely a curiosity now, but thought you might like to see it.

Roger Klink

09/09/2007 ... Mr. Quick fan Alan Morton writes

I decided to find out about Mr. Quick chain after it was mentioned on another website which I frequent. I remember the place from my youth. Found your site while searching for online info of it. It is mentioned on your pages.

There are also lots of hits from various directories refering to the Mr Quick in Ottumwa, IA. A friend of mine who lives in Ottumwa told me it is no longer there. It burnt down in 2003 or 2004. The owner did not rebuild and a Walgreens drugs store now stands there. The online directories are not very well maintained.

Perhaps Mr. Quick's last original classic sign? From Ottumwa, Iowa with special thanks to

There were a couple in Peoria, one of which I went to for lunch when I was in grade school. The other stayed open into the mid 1980's, at which point it became a BBQ ribs place. Not a lot to be found on the chain.

It appears there are still several in lower Michigan along the east coast of Lake Michigan. Click Here to go to the Mr. Quick website for the stores in Michigan. Note as of this writing they do not say they are in Michigan

I ran across one in Bloomington, IL in the early 1990's. I stopped there once. Remarked that I remembered when they were in Peoria and was told there were still a lot of them open in Arkansas where the chain's headquarters were. (Note: Mr. Quick's headquarters were in Moline, Illinois, perhaps this was a regional headquarters). This venue was closed sometime in the 1990's I am guessing. It was still open in 1996 according to an article in the Pantagraph newspaper.

I have found references online to them being Texas, Iowa City, IA, South Bend, IN, Bolingbrook, IL and Fayetteville, AR. There is also a restaurant called Mr Quick in Hays KS, that may or may not still be in operation and if it is it may or may not have anything to do with the chain. A place called Mr Quick in Orlando, FL is not a fast food place.

One website that did have a little info on Mr Quick is the website for B-Bops, a Des Moines based hamburger chain. From the B-Bops website

"In 1971, B-Bops founder Bob Johnson began his career in the fast food industry with Mr. Quick in Illinois. He began as an assistant manager, a position he held for two years. Impressed with Johnson's ambition and skill, Corporate offered him the opportunity to become a Franchise Partner in the business. In 1973 Johnson accepted the offer, moved to Newton, Iowa, and opened a Mr. Quick. He later opened stores in Fairfield and Muscatine, Iowa. In 1983 Johnson and his partners changed the restaurant name from Mr. Quick to Sizzlin' Sams. (It was about this point in time the other Mr Quicks closed down).

"In 1986 Johnson became familiar with the double drive-thru concept. Double drive-thru's were popping up in the sunbelt states and their success impressed him. Johnson began researching the available data and developing his own complimentary ideas, knowing that one-day he would pursue the opportunity.

"In 1988 the Johnson noticed a building located at 1500 E Euclid in Des Moines, Iowa. His research and intuition told him that this was the ideal location to open a double drive-thru. Within six months the first B-Bop's was opened on that spot.

The site of the former Mr. Quicks in LaSalle, IL is now being used as a locally run fast food place. I stopped there last month and would not have known it if there was not a picture from 1972 inside showing it when it had been a Mr Quick. The guy working there said that it had been 4 or 5 other restaurants since Mr Quick shut down and they had nothing to do with it.

There was also one in Belvidere IL. I remember driving by it after it had closed down in about 2001. They had changed the name to simply Quicks before their demise. The building has since been torn down.

There was another one in the Peoria suburb of Sunnyland. It was sold to the manager who renamed it Harolds Hamburgers and it remains more or less the same as it was. It is located on Washington St in Sunnyland. Washington St (AKA Rt 8) and is located between Washington and East Peoria.

I did not know it had been a Mr Quick when I frequented the place in the late 80s early 90s when I was going to ICC. Later learned what it had been, I stopped there about once a week back then and was back there earlier this year. Not much has changed since I found the place. They are talking about widening the road to 4 lanes all the way through, not sure if it will effect Harolds or not.

Special thanks to Alan Morton for this picture of Harold's taken in 2007. The exterior is still the classic Mr. Quick building along with blinker lights along the roof rim. The lights were functioning as of 2006. The interior is 100% classic Mr. Quick and is a must see for anyone wanting to experience the Mr. Quick 1960's thru 1980's dining experience!

In this picture of Harolds, you can see that it is the original Mr. Quick building. Even the trademark blinker-lights trim the roof. Only the sign out front has changed. They are still using the original char-broiled conveyer belt and when you lift up the bun of your burger, you can see the charred stripes on it just like Mr. Quick was famous for. The interior is a time-warp. It is exactly the way it was from the french fries heat lamp to the interior decor and seating.

From my little knowledge and research I can come up with the following venues they had- guessing there were many more.


Fayetteville - closed


Belvidere - torn down
Bloomington - torn down
Bolingbrook - closed
East Moline - Oriental food restaurant
LaSalle - different fast food - as of August 07
Milan - local eatiery
Peoria Main St - Chinese food place - couple years ago
Peoria SW Adams St - Rib Place as of September 07
Pontiac - on Route 66 - Mexican Restaurant - special thanks to Tim Gosteli June 09
Silvis - Porkies BBQ
Sterling - ???
Sunnyland - Harolds Hamburgers
Rock Island - Happy Joes Pizza


Bettendorf - unknown
Burlington - offices
Clinton - unknown
Davenport - torn down - Walgreens
Fairfield - became Sizzlin Sams
Muscatine - became Sizzlin Sams
Newton - became Sizzlin Sams now closed
Ottumwa -burnt down


South Bend -closed


Hays - this may be one: 335 W 8th Street 67601 785-625-2129


4 locations still open


Ft Worth - closed

09/09/2007 ... When the local guy makes good, it makes everyone feel proud. In the case of Mr. Quick drive in restaurants, the local operation has expanded to a highly successful Regional Chain with 67 locations throughout 9 states. It all started with Mr. Quick's on 42nd Avenue East Moline (shown in picture above). Not only do UTHS students find this location handy, it is also very easy to stop by the Hero Street Quick in Silvis, Illinois. Source: Skyline 1975

08/10/2007 ... source - Muskegon Chronical, Teresa Taylor Williams - Founded in 1962 in Moline, Ill., Mr. Quick was once a 300-store chain with restaurants from Texas to Minnesota. Today there are few locations outside of Muskegon, and local owners own the rights to the name.

The franchise has been in Muskegon 45 years. Brewster and Grega also own a Mr. Quick restaurant at 3091 Heights-Ravenna in Cloverville, while Davis also owns locations at 4190 Grand Haven in Norton Shores and 650 Whitehall in North Muskegon.

09/20/2007 ... Mr. Quick owner and Vice President Matt Grega is looking for Mr. Quick pictures! If you have any pictures of Mr. Quick and can provide a high resolution scan of them, please email me!

Hi my name is Matt Grega, I am one of the owners of the 5 Mr. Quick Restaurants in Muskegon, MI. I was wondering if anyone might have high quality pictures like the ones on your website that I could receive a scan of to hang in our restaurants. I have also done a lot of research with newpapers and libraries and have not been able to find anything. Thank you.

Matt Grega
Vice President
Mr. Quick Restaurants

If you have any memorabilia, pictures or stories of Mr. Quick, please email me!

Special thanks to Alan Morton for this picture of Mr. Quick in Rock Island which is now Happy Joe's Pizza. Notice that not only is the building the original but the sign is as well. In place of HAMBURGERS, the sign now spells HAPPY_JOES!

Special thanks to Alan Morton for this picture of Mr. Quick on SW Adams in Peoria, Illinois as it stands in 2007. Unbelievable.

Special thanks to Alan Morton for these pictures of Mr. Quick in Michigan. He arrived at the locations at night, just before closing. The woman in the picture is the Manager, Michelle.

10/31/2007 ... Mr. Quick fan Christopher Browne writes;

There were two stores in Davenport, Iowa. The Division Street location was torn down for a Walgreens, but the Brady Street store is still standing, and is currently a donut shop.

The Bettendorf, Iowa, location was on State Street, in the 2000 or 2100 block (I think). The original building has been augmented by several major additions, and is (or was) a laundromat.

Both Sandy's and Mr. Quick offered wider menu choices than the competitors. Many fond memories.

Christopher Browne

11/04/2007 ... Mr. Quick owner and Vice President Matt Grega provides outstanding pictures of his Muskegon location. What an incredible job they have done in keeping this classic Mr. Quick location in stellar shape. The stain glass window with the Mr. Quick icon is a terrific addition. Notice the spotless stainless steel counter as well. If you are looking for the Mr. Quick experience, this is it!

Hi, these are some of the pictures from our recently remodeled store at 915 E. Laketon in Muskegon, MI

Thank you.

Matt Grega

12.15/2007 ... Mr. Quick fan Mark Herrin wrote;

Matt, I was thinking about the past and searched for Mr. Quick. To my surprise pages of results turned up. My dad, Wayne Herrin was one of the primary early investors in Mr. Quick as it got it's start back in the mid or early 60's.

I recall as a grade schooler flying to Bloomington, Illinois, I believe and riding around with my dad and Marcel Compti (I'm not sure of the spelling) who was the original idea guy/president looking for locations.

My dad's business, Herrin Advertising in Jacksonville, Il was the designer and produced the original signs for Mr. Quick. They were attractive, but I think fairly costly to produce.

My dad's other business ventures never allowed him too much time for involvement in Mr. Quick. He sold his interest, I believe, sometime between '66 and '68.

It was a competitor with the other chains in the beginning like McDonalds or Hardees. I remember the hamburgers as being better than McDonalds at the time. With the right early management no telling where it might be today.

Glad to hear of your success - Mark Herrin

12/25/2007 ... Alan Morton presents this incredible update;

Here are a couple of pictures as promised.

One is in LaSalle Illinois. They have a picture inside of the place when the parking lot was being paved and the Mr Quick sign was up from the 1970s.

The other is in Princeton Illinois. It is a Red Apple Restaurant. I have eaten at both of them.

Princeton has been added on to and is much bigger than a Mr Quick would have been. Notice that the word HAMBURGERS on the original Mr. Quick sign in front of the building now reads RESTAURANT!

06/04/2009 ... UPDATE! FYI- the old Mister Quick store in Princeton has had a new sign put up tearing the redone old Mister Quick Hamburgers one down. Would be near impossible to tell it was a Quicks now if you did not know it already. - Alan Morton

11/20/2008 ... Thanks to Alan for the tip on J&J's Ice Cream in Lasalle being a Mr. Quick. It took me a year to get there but I am glad that I stopped. The picture is on the wall like he said. It is from 1971, the day that they blacktopped the parking lot and I am thinking this is pre-grand opening but I am not 100% sure. The owner was there and was really nice & allowed me to take a digital picture of the picture & here it is plus a night shot! The owner knew about this website & the Mr. Quick's still open in Michigan which was really cool. Always great to run into another Mr. Quick fan! - Rick

Notice the original stainless steel counter as well as the original steel food prep area. Also note the checkered tile area under the counter. This is Mr. Quick original and is remembered by every kid who stood in line since this is what we saw.

Below is a shot of original Mr. Quick seats in Lasalle. Along the way most of the original seating appears to have been sold off. Thankfully these were mounted on the wall and remain with the building where they belong!

Here is the list of locations as it now stands. The order is as follows; city, street, address, currently at location if known.

Tucson #1 Special thanks to Vaughn Croft
Tucson #2 Special thanks to Vaughn Croft
S 8th St @ W Birch St Rogers Special thanks to David Backlin
I-55 @ Rt 18 Blytheville
1525 S School St Fayetteville Thep Thai Restaurant
S 8th St (900 Block)
Special thanks to David Backlin
Special thanks to David Brewster
Last I looked, it was a Mexican Restaurant. Special thanks to David Backlin
1700 Block of S State St. Belvidere Torn down, replaced with a bank
803 East Washington Bloomington Remained open until the mid 1990's. A newspaper article states that this location celebrated its 30th anniversary in 1996, that would mean it opened in 1966. This location was demolished in May 2002. Special thanks to Shawn Call
1007 Morrissey Drive Bloomington Appears to have been demolished. Special thanks to Shawn Call
Danville Special thanks to Michael Jenkins
1215 North University Decatur Autozone
547 - 42nd Ave East Moline
914 N Henderson Galesburg Lagondola Spaghetti House
154 3rd Street Lasalle JJ's Dogs, Beef, Chicken & More, Inc.
I-55 & SR 53 Lemont
522 W 1st Street


Milan Family Restaurant
316 North Main Monmouth Dairy Queen

Special thanks to Rick Sheese

I-80 & SR 47 Morris
North Main Normal Special thanks to Collin Freeman
609 S. Main Street Normal, Illinois This is the original restaurant opened by Marcel Comte in 1959. Special thanks to Shawn Call
3901 SW Adams Peoria Open as a Ribs Restaurant
430 W Main Peoria Open as a Chinese Restaurant
Historic Old Route 66 & SR 23 Pontiac Mexican restaurant as of June 2009 - special thanks to Tim Gosteli
I-80 & SR 26 Princeton Open as a family restaurant.

Building added onto.

1412 30th Street Rock Island Happy Joes Pizza
Hero Street @ 1st Ave Silvis Porkie's Ribs
1055 Gardner St South Beloit Max's Restaurant
Sterling title loan business - Special thanks to Bob C.
Route 36 on the south side of town Tuscola - special thanks to Arthur B.
2305 Washington Washington (Sunnyland) Open as Harolds.

Harold was the owner of Mr. Quick.

Now owned by one of Harold's employees.

Run exactly the same as Mr. Quick with all original interior & exterior.

Ireland Road South Bend
2124 State St


Scrub Pub Laundromat
Roosevelt Ave @ Johannsen Dr Burlington
1702 North 2nd Clinton
411 - 2nd Street Coralville Reminisce Scrapbooking
1717 Brady Street Davenport
3924 N Division Davenport Torn down/Is now a Walgreens
1103 Burlington Fairfield The Pizza Ranch
7 S 25th St. Fort Dodge La Loma Mexican Grocery Store

Special thanks to Jim Reed

200 South Jefferson Street Indianola Godfather's Pizza
521 Oak Iowa Falls Dairy Queen
710 Grandview Muscatine Pizza Hut
I-80 and SR 14 Newton Sizzlin Sams
309 4th Street Ottumwa In business until it burned down in 2003, reopened, closed then became Walgreens
State Center

Special thanks to Pat

918 Washington Waterloo
817 - 2nd Street Webster City Godfather's Pizza
605 N Santa Fe Chanute The Feathered Nest Gift Shop
335 W 8th Street Hays CONVENIENCE XPRESS #7
924 N Broadway Pittsburg Southeast Kansas-Dental Clinic
1425 North Main Parsons I grew up loving the burgers from Mr. Quick. In third grade, we even took a class field trip to see the inner workings of the restaurant. The Parsons, KS location is long gone, first replaced by a Hardee’s, which has since been replaced by a Burger King.

Clay Stevens

1088 Peck Street Muskegon Burned down & will not be rebuilt
3091 Heights Ravenna Road Muskegon OPEN!
4190 Grand Haven Road Muskegon OPEN!
5501 E Apple Muskegon The Mr. Quick at 5501 Apple ave in Muskegon is now rebuilt and OPEN!

Thank you.
Matt Grega
Mr. Quick Restaurants !

2958 South Henry Street Muskegon Little Caesars Pizza
915 E Laketon Muskegon OPEN!
650 Whitehall Road North Muskegon OPEN!
Brooklyn Park Special thanks to Michael Jenkins!
Coon Rapids Blvd. and Crooked Lake Blvd. Coon Rapids Special thanks to Doug Howe!
Cottage Grove Special thanks to Michael Jenkins
Faribault Special thanks to Rick Hallanger!
Rochester Special thanks to David Brewster
St. Paul Special thanks to Michael Jenkins
202 South Baird Clinton Used car dealer
123 N Garrison Ave Carthage

Special thanks to David Brewster

David Backlin adds - the building is still there and is now Carthage Family Restaurant.

1901 Main Joplin Li Jung Chinese Restaurant- Special thanks to David Backlin

Special thanks to Steve Currens
1815 North Glenstone Springfield Pizza Hut
3444 West Chestnut Expressway Springfield Cliff's Auto Sales

Special thanks to David Backlin

Kearney Street Springfield Special thanks to Mike Egeler
Old Highway 66 Waynesville
520 Steve Owens Blvd Miami Lil' Cafe Express - apparently Lil' has closed and is now The Donut Shop.
North Broadway Pittsburgh
2832 W 7th St Fort Worth Enterprise Rent-A-Car
5320 Trail Lake Drive Fort Worth Demolished/Parking lot
Special thanks to Matt McCullar!
2832 W. 7th Fort Worth Special thanks to Matt McCullar!
1501 E. Berry Fort Worth Special thanks to Matt McCullar!
391 E. Pipeline Rd. Fort Worth Special thanks to Matt McCullar!
414 W. Euless Blvd. Fort Worth Schola Cantorium of Texas
Special thanks to Matt McCullar!
3251 Mansfield Hwy. Fort Worth Beefers Breakfast N Burgers
Special thanks to Matt McCullar!
7405 Weatherford Hwy. Fort Worth Special thanks to Matt McCullar!
2482 Jacksboro Hwy. Fort Worth All Smiles Dental Center
Special thanks to Matt McCullar!
810 E. Main Fort Worth Special thanks to Matt McCullar!
205 N E Wilshire Blvd. Fort Worth Special thanks to Matt McCullar!
Main Street Grand Prairie

Special thanks to Steve Currens
Highway 377 & Broadway Haltom City

Special thanks to Wes S.
I-35 & SR 22 Hillsboro

Special thanks to Steve Currens
1871 Cranston Beloit
706 East Geneva Delavan Classic Embroidery
303 South 3rd Street West Fort Atkinson Hardees (Now Closed)
3333 Milton Ave Janesville Arby's
1201 Gillingham Road Neenah

USW Local 2-148 Union Hall

Special thanks to Brad Morrison!

3007 N Summit Center Oconomowoc Chili's/Torn Down

Special thanks to Brad Morrison!

Racine Special thanks to Michael Jenkins
106 South 10th Street Independence Missouri?
1221 Marion Road South Rochester Minnesota?

04/02/2008 ... Mr Quick fan Collin Freeman writes;


I saw your Sandy's yahoo webpage and soon found your Mr. Quick page too. I remember both restaurants, having grown up in the Illinois and Wisconsin area, but the one I remember the most was Mr. Quick.

I noticed on your website you have one listed for Bloomington, IL. There may have been one in Bloomington, I'm not completely sure (I am pretty sure there was a Sandy's in Bloomington) but the Mr. Quick I remember was just a few blocks from where we lived in Normal, on North Main Street. Today it would be some where between W. College Ave and W. Hovey Ave. Nowadays, North Main becomes one-way in this area, but back then it was a two-way street with all kinds of fast-food restaurants and local shopping along the way, close to the ISU campus (which made it an ideal location for fast-food). McDonalds and A&W were along this same stretch of road, and there was a Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant further south just before the railroad tracks.

Mr. Quick had great fries and shakes according to my recollection. In fact, when my family moved away from Normal up to Rockford in the summer of 1969, I remember we stopped at Mr. Quick for lunch before heading north. We used to go back to the Normal-Bloomington area a lot because my grandmother still lived there and I remember still seeing the Mr. Quick on Main up through maybe the mid-1970's. After that, I don't know when it actually closed. I miss those regional chains like Mr. Quick and Sandy's. They really knew how to make a better meal than McD's or Burger King.

I live in Kansas now, and until I saw your webpage I never knew the Bucky's in Lawrence had once been a Sandy's. I ate at Bucky's a few times when I was in college at KU. Sorry to see it go. It was a landmark in that part of Lawrence.

Thanks for the memories,

Collin Freeman

04/03/2008 ... Mr Quick fan Debbie Fan writes;

I noticed on the website a Mr. Quick in Bolingbrook/Lemont IL. The store was actually in Bolingbrook .

I remember this Mr. Quick as it was a frequent for our family. We moved to Bolingbrook , IL in 1971. The restaurant was at the corner of I-55 and Hwy 53. I do not know when the store closed. I believe the restaurant has lately been Family Square Restaurant (or at least it’s on the site). I think Lemont is on the website because Bolingbrook actually used Lemont’s zip code for many years. This was the only Mr. Quick that I was familiar with. I hope this helps with some of the history search.



04/10/2008 ... Mr Quick fan Tristan Abbott writes;

The Mr. Quick's in Clinton, Iowa closed down in either 1995 or 1996. Before then, the place had the same interior design that it must've had in the early 70s--it looked like Barthie Burgers from You Can't Do That On Television. All the in-store POP ads were from the 70s and so were the graphics on the drive-thru. Even as a little kid, I knew that was really cool.

All I remember of the place was that they did a deal where you got five ham or cheeseburgers and a 1/2 pound of fries for some obscenely low price. My parents would get that when I or my sister had friends over. They also used a mustard that was incredibly pungent and hot by fast food standards and that was the overriding flavor on the burgers. Still, I would pay a good amount of money for a geniune Quick burger right now! My favorite was the "Seasoned Fries" which were thicker than the normal fries and covered with extra salt and dried parsley flakes. Whenever I make fries at home I sprinkle a little parsley on them, to keep the Quick's spirit alive.

04/11/2008 ... Mr. Quick fan Doug Howe writes;


I was intrigued to see your Mr. Quick web page. I know of a store not listed by you. It was in Coon Rapids, MN near the SE corner of Coon Rapids Blvd. and Crooked Lake Blvd. I don't know if the building still exists or not. I'll try to find out and get back to you. The signage at that particular store was identical to the sign at the top of your page.

Thanks for the Memories,

Doug Howe

04/20/2008 ... Mr. Quick fan Matt McCullar writes;

Howdy from North Texas! I have a little nugget of information for you. I found out about your web site from another web site dedicated to the history of Fort Worth, Texas.

There used to be a Mr. Quick Hamburgers at 5320 Trail Lake Drive in Fort Worth, on the southwest side of town. It was in a stand-alone building in the parking lot of a shopping center. I was born in 1968 and remember very little of it, except that I think my dad may have taken me there for dinner as a reward for a good report card in the 3rd grade. :)

What I remember more is that this Mr. Quick Hamburgers closed in the late 1970s. I don't know why. The building was renovated shortly thereafter for a Swenson's Ice Cream Parlor. I remember going to that many times in the late '70s/early '80s, particularly on Monday nights after watching the TV show "M*A*S*H."

I was quite fond of their chocolate/chocolate-chip ice cream! They also served a mammoth ice cream sundae called the "Earthquake"; it could feed half a dozen kids at one sitting. Sadly, even that Swenson's eventually closed and the entire building was demolished. Today there is absolutely no trace of that Mr. Quick/Swenson's building left, and looking at the site now, it's just a part of a big parking lot. You'd never know it had ever been there.

Thanks for the memories!

Matt McCullar

Arlington, TX

05/25/2008 ... Mr. Quick Fan Matt McCullar does it again! Matt provides the extended list for Mr. Quick in the Fort Worth area. Amazing!


I was in the Fort Worth Central Library this afternoon and found the following locations for Mr. Quick restaurants in the FW area in 1972:

2832 W. 7th
1501 E. Berry
391 E. Pipeline Rd.
414 W. Euless Blvd.
3251 Mansfield Hwy
5320 Trail Lake Dr.
7405 Weatherford Hwy.
2482 Jacksboro Hwy.
810 E. Main
205 N E Wilshire Blvd.

As a caveat, I got these addresses out of the telephone book and I cannot vouch for their veracity. To whit: the 1965 phone book mentions an address as 1401 E. Berry, instead of 1501. Don't know if it was a misprint or if the restaurant just moved. I have no idea, but it's easier to believe a misprint.

The Trail Lake Drive location did not exist in 1965.

I might also add that many of the above addresses may not actually be in Fort Worth proper, but in one of the many communities surrounding it. The phone book did not specify and I can't say for sure, either, because Fort Worth has a history of expanding its boundaries and glomming onto surrounding properties. What may not have been Fort Worth in the past may be today. Some of these locations may actually have been in the cities of Euless, Haltom City, etc., which bump up against Fort Worth. Sorry I can't be more specific.

Thanks for your great web site! I love urban archaeology!

Matt J. McCullar
Arlington, TX

06/25/2008 ... Mr. Quick fan Brad Morrison writes;

At the following address stands a former Mr. Quick restaurant:

1201 Gillingham Road
Neenah, WI 54956

It's current use is:

USW Local 2-148 Union Hall

As a union member, I have been in it many times.

Also, I have seen and taken pictures of the former Mr. Quick in Oconomowoc WI because I recognized the building style. That was probably about 10 years ago. At that time it was an "out of business" hair salon. I showed the pictures to some of my co-workers and they all said, "That's our union hall!" It was from my co-workers that I learned what fast food restaurant our union hall had been.

I haven't been back to Oconomowoc since I took the pictures so I don't know what ever happened to that building. If you would like pictures of any of these, let me know and I'll see what I can do!

Brad Morrison

07/30/2008 ...Hello, My name is David Brewster, I started with Mr Quick in 1972 at the Henry Street location in Muskegon MI. In 1973 I became the manager of Laketon Ave Mr, Quick In Muskegon, till around 1988 when I sold out.

At that time I had opened Mr. Quick on Apple and Hts Ravenna Road, all in Muskegon. My partner Jerry Dahms and I also owned the location in North Muskegon. He passed away about 10 years ago. I then sold my interest to my minority partner but kept the Hts Ravenna Rd location where I am also the landlord. Last year the manager from there Matt Grega and I reopened the Laketon Ave location. Lots of memories in that location since I was a owner and operator there for 15-16 years. Matt runs both of my locations and is also my new partner. He does a great job.

The locations you are missing the state for are Rogers, Arkansas, Carthage, Mo. Rochester, Minnesota, and if I remember right, Independence was Kansas. I am still active with the Mr Quick restaurants but now on a smaller scale.

David Brewster

08/28/2008 ... My dad and uncle (Stan & Tony) Banaszek were partners in the East Moline store. I was born in 1968 so I dont really remember too much about it but the buildings in East Moline and Silvis are still standing and whenever I see them I think back to when they were Mr. Quick. Too bad that it is not as popular as McDonalds because I know I would frequent it.

09/08/2008 ... Thanks for the great website.

My uncle and I use to frequent the store in Decatur Illinois. Being that our last name was also Quick, he would tell me they named it after him. haha He would purchase a bag of burgers and fries along with a shake. I would get one or two of those great burgers, he would eat the rest. It was that memory that helped to shape my career.

It is a long story in itself, but I accepted a position with Vitro Seating, a restaurant manufacturer in St Louis. While in customer service I was asked to help design the new Chuck-A-Burger. I didn't go to school for design, and up to that point my only experience was doing purchasing for my father-in-laws company, a restaurant design company based in the Chicago area. So when I was asked to help in the concept of the new Chuck-A-Burger, I borrowed from the Mr Quicks in Decatur. That project has led into many more, and in fact, we have created a complete design dept. To date we have done several restaurants worldwide. Pretty good career...all due to my experience in Mr Quicks!

Notice the roof line!

Thanks again for the website!

If I could only go back for an hour.........

Larry QuickVitro
Madison St.
St. Louis Mo 63102
(800) 325-7093 ext 518

09/08/2008 ... Memories of the early 70’s… aahhh yes… I am from Faribault , MN and at that time, for fast food, there was only the Black Steer which sold hamburgers, shakes, and fries. But then a new restaurant was coming to town. It was out by where a K-Mart was (maybe) going. Anyway, it was a Mr. Quick. Very popular and good food for after the Friday night football games. I don’t see that it was mentioned in your list, but we had one.. now the building is a Mexican restaurant.

Sandy’s came a little later… when it came to town, I was one of the first employees. I remember the good grilled cheese sandwiches we sold along with the tenderloins. We were busy. Holy cow were we busy! I remember when we changed over to a Hardee’s and of course the menu was changed. At first it was just as busy. I moved on after working there about 3 years. The grilled hamburgers were the greatest and I remember that we had to take the grates off and soak them every night. Then they decided to go back to frying. Later the burgers got to be expensive.. almost like a dine in restaurant. So our Hardee’s sold out to Arby’s. However, in the last couple of years Hardee’s came back to a new building out by the freeway. I guess what goes around, comes around!

Thanks for this site. It brings back a lot of memories. I can still picture my uniform, the bags, and the cups. Although we made maybe a $1.50 an hour and the work was tough… it was fun.

Rick Hallanger
Faribault, MN

09/11/2008 ... I used to work for the Mr. Quick in Monmouth, IL. It is currently the Dairy Queen on North Main Street. - Rick Sheese

09/24/2008 ... I thoroughly enjoyed coming across this website. It brought back many fond memories. My father, Wayne Currens, was the Vice President of Mr. Quick Hamburgers back when Paul Womack and later his son Lee Womack were president. My whole family worked there including my Uncles Bill and Chuck Currens. Mr. Quick in Sunnyland was my first job but I had also traveled extensively with my father growing up in the 60's and 70's opening new Mr. Quick locations all over the Midwest from Wisconsin to Texas. A few I didn't see mentioned were in Grand Prairie, Texas on Main Street, Irving, Texas, Main Street in Peoria, Illinois and St. Roberts Missouri. Too many to remember.. and stories... lost of fun memories. If you have any questions I'll be happy to help. - Steve

10/12/2008 ... At my age of 75, seeing you're website today was a big suprise! I will start by giving you these names; Henry Street store, opening store manager was Michael Jenkins. This was about 1970. I was inticed back into the fast food life by John Highly, VP of Operations. Jim Morgan, Supervisor. I also remember Jery Dohms and family.

I was transferred to Mr. Quick in Peoria, Illinois after training four or five new frachise managers at the Henry Street store. From Peoria I was promoted to Operations Supervisor and started opening stores in the Minneapolis, St. Paul area. The reason I mention this was one of the equipment packages for a store in Muskegon was delivered there on a Budget rental truck. We (my son and I) traveled across Rt. 8, from Minnesota, across Wisconsin, crossed Lake Michigan on a ferry and then to your city. Now that was a long time ago. Wayne Currens and I were the opening supervisors for all stores in Wisconsin.

- Michael Jenkins

11/14/2008 ... I worked at the Mr. Quick in Bloomington, Illinois from 1989-1992. At our location you could get hamburger, fry, and drink for $1.10 at that time. What a deal. We switched owners and managers a few times while I worked there and they eventually tore down the store in or about 1998. I worked across the street at the time until 2000 so I got to watch them tear it down. It was my first job when I was 16 and the funny thing is it was my dad's first job in 1966 at the same location. Lots of good memories at that place.

- Shawn Cable

12/13/2008 ... I worked at the Chestnut Exp. location in the late 70s to 1981. I worked for a man named Jerry Rodgers at that location.

We had a Great team and Jerry was really particular about the food we served. It is something that has stayed with me all my life to do the best job I can.

There was another Mr. Quick on Kearney street in Springfield. It was closed when I moved there for college in 1977. I am not sure of the address but it was within walking distance of the Baptist Bible College In Springfield.

Great web site

Mike Egeler

12/13/2008 ... There was a Mr. Quick Restaurant in Fort Dodge ( Iowa ) and the building still stands at… 7 S 25th St. It currently is a La Loma Mexican grocery store.

Jim Reed

12/25/2008 ... I worked briefly at Sandys on E. Empire in Bloomington, Illinois in 1968. I also worked at Mr. Quick on E. Washington in Bloomington in 1966. ------Tim Steinke

01/04/2009 ... I worked at the Fort Worth, Mansfield Hwy store twice in the early 1970’s during high school. A man named Bob owned both the Mansfield Hwy store and the Trail Lake store. I can’t remember Bobs last name. The Mansfield Hwy store was always a top producer and did a lot of business. I still have my patch we had to wear on our shirts. It was quite an experience that I will never forget. Many of my friends worked there from time to time also. It was a place to meet your high school friends and plan the evening.

JS Riley

01/08/2009 ... I can confirm that there was a Mr. Quick restaurant in Indianola Iowa. The original building has been remodeled several times since then, it is now a Godfather's Pizza restaurant. I went there many times as a kid and remember it being the only fast food in town except for Dairy Queen...later Hardees and much later McDonalds came to town...but Mr. Quick was always my favorite!

Tim Babcock
Melcher, IA.

01/10/2009 ... Found your sight after a little trip down memory lane. Our 18yr old neighbor girl was bragging about a local burger joint selling 3 plain ok burgers for $9.99. I told her of Mr Quick's 10 for $1.15 plus the girls that worked there thaught we were cute lil boys and we always got free pepsi & fries & pies (my first kiss was from one of these older girls/16ish I think she was & I was 12ish, probably why Im hooked on blondes w/long hair/ like my wife) ;) Anyway my Mr Quick was at the corner of Highway 377 & Broadway. It closed in the mid 70's, became a justa burger place for awhile, closed, was torn down, and is now a CVS or a Walgreens. I miss that place & think of it every once in a while and I am so glad there is still some around. If I'm ever up north I'll stop in for some more nostalgia and burgers. Thanks for this web site. - L8R Wes S.

01/20/2009 ... Mr. Quick Joplin, Missouri is now a Chinese restaurant: Li Jung. It has changed names several times. Below is a shot from google earth. You can clearly see the original Mr. Quick sign out front! - David Backlin

01/23/2009 ... Just an fyi The Mr Q closed here (in Clinton, Iowa) I would guess 8-10yrs ago (time flies so not sure) and the building was completely remodeled and is not Members Choice Credit (as was previously stated).

Christopher Nixon
Ruhl&Ruhl Realtors

01/24/2009 ... More stuff for your website. I told the owner at JJs about the website and sent him an email with its address.

These pics are from the open Mister Quick on Grand Haven Rd in Michigan. It is the easiest one to get to if you are coming from out of town. It is not a stand alone place but rather attached to a gas station. I missed it the first time I drove past it.

I discovered from the girls working there that it had previously been a McDonalds so there is no classic Mister Quick architecture there. They did have some table decorations that had some old photos I first saw on this website.

- Alan Morton

01/25/2009 ... Hello, you may have some incorrect info on the Mr Quick Ottumwa, Ia location on your site: it did burn- but was rebuilt and stayed open for a few more years, but it did eventually get torn down in favor of putting a huge Walgreens there...Pat

01/31/2009 ... Your Mr. Quick site is awesome! I moved to Bloomington, Illinois in 2001 and always thought the abandoned Mr. Quick sign on East Washington Street was really cool. Unfortunately, I never photographed it…

According to an old Bloomington/Normal Illinois Phone Book, here are some Mr. Quick addresses:

· 609 S. Main Street, Normal, IL (This is the original restaurant opened by Marcel Comte in 1959) This location later turned into an Arby’s, which was torn down and today houses a Potbelly Sandwich Works and Noodles Restaurant.

· 1007 Morrissey Drive, Bloomington, IL (This appears to be gone)

· 802 E. Washington Street, Bloomington, IL (A newspaper article states that this location celebrated its 30th anniversary in 1996, that would mean it opened in 1966. This location was demolished in May 2002.) Special thanks to Shawn Call

Here’s a photo of a former site in Bloomington, IL (802 E. Washington Street). You can see the outline of the building in what is now a small used car lot. Feel free to use it on your site!



02/14/2009 ...

Hi! My friend Joyce and I put ourselves through college working at the Mr. Quick in Monmouth IL. Bill Alumbaugh owned and operated it. I'm thinking he may also have owned the one in Galesburg, IL and maybe he had an interest in one in Decatur, IL as well. I have passed this web address on to his son Randy who also worked there and who may have pictures etc. It certainly looked a lot like the pictures you already have, the sign too.

As you have already noted, the building still stands as a DQ and the one in Galesburg now houses a LaGondola. I remember that the french fries came off the same truck as the french fries at the new MacDonalds in Galesburg that eveyone thought was so great and we were sure ours were as good. Hamburgers were $.22 and I could calculate totals for any number of different sandiwches in my head and punch it into the cash register which was just a giant adding machine with pull handle on the side. There was a drive up window with a microphone near the beginning of the drive. Our goal was to have the food at the window when the car got there. Sometimes we succeeeded.

Mr Quick was the first fast restaurant and for the 3 years I worked there it was the place to be in our small town.

Jean Nees Tulin

02/15/2009 ... It has been a while since I googled Mr. Quick so I was pleasantly surprised to see your site.

I dropped out of college in 1976 and began working full time for Mr. Quick. I was assistant manager in Milan IL and Iowa Falls IA (when that restaurant first opened in the summer of '76). I did temporary "relief manager" duty for a couple of weeks in Galesburg IL and Janesville WI, before getting my first chance to manage my own store in Neenah. I spent the coldest winter of my life trying to keep the exhaust fans running on the roof of that building before transferring to Webster City IA, where I managed that restaurant until I left Mr. Quick in the fall of 1977.

It was good to read the comments from Steve Currens... I certainly remember his dad, Wayne. He gave me a chance to learn how to run a business at a very young age, and I still appreciate getting that opportunity. So many great memories from so many years ago!

Steve Buhr

03/18/2009 ... I am a former employee of Mr. Quick and I started at the Sterling , Illinois store working part time and going to high school. After I graduated from high school I started college at Illinois State University in Normal and got a part time job working there in the Normal/Main Street store. Mr. Walen was the manager and one of the long time employees there was JD, I really do not remember much more. When the Washington Street store opened I started working there within the first week and stayed there for a good 3 months. In-between my start and ending dates with Mr. Quick I was friends with a number of managers and I even attended a managers training meeting in Normal. I also work a winter break with a manager in South Bend , IN. During the Illinois High School basketball tournament I went to Chapaign, Illinois and worked a few days in a Mr. Quick.

I have fond memories about those years and we certainly peeled a lot of potatoes in a peeling machine and blanched tons of french fries. The hamburger meat was delivered in patties. The char broiler was so cool because it gave the meat that distinct taste and flavor. Lastly, there were 2 stores in Tucson , Az , that Mr. Compti opened through local owners that have since become something else. I did meet Mr. Compti and his son during those years. I think the Tucson stores came about because Mr. Compti vacationed there during the winter months.

Vaughn E. Croft

03/19/2009 ... Hi Matt - I do not have any pictures to send along to you, however, I can fill you in on a bit of Mr. Quick history.

When I was 16 years old (I am 61 years old now) I was hired to work at the Mr. Quick location in Sterling, Illinois. I notice question marks about whether or not Sterling is still in business. They are not and haven't been for several years. I started with the Sterling location, then worked in South Bend and then worked in the Decatur store when it was brand new and just opening.

At the time, when I was working for the company, we did not have dining rooms. All business came through the front doors into a foyer where customers lined up. I frequently worked the front line - we had no order forms to write our orders on, we had no cash registers to add orders on, we simply did every thing by memory, put in the total sale and took the money.

At that time you could get a hamburger, french fries and small coke for under one dollar. We used to peel, cut and blanch our own potatoes for french fries and we made our own onion rings. Also at that time Mr. Quick was trying out the first fruit pies. How they would be prepared was a bit of a challange at first and then we got the hang of it. Also, at that time Mr. Quick was trying out a larger hamburger patty and was having difficulty getting it cooked by the time it ran through the cooking cycle. When the store opened in Decatur, that was the first time that frozen french fries were being purchased rather than making our on fries.

My friend, Vaughn, and I worked night shifts during the week because we were in high school, and on weekends we worked what ever shift we were needed for. We did the nightly inventory every night, cashed the registers out, helped to clean up and did some of the ordering for inventory. We were quite proud of ourselves to have such responsibility - we were pretty sharp kids. Vaughn and I both went on to university, graduated, earned our post graduate degrees. Vaughn taught school and then worked as a school administrator and I did the same.

By the time I was starting university in 1965, or shortly thereafter, McDonald's was putting on their first dining rooms, as I recall. And I believe the Decatur store opened with the first Mr. Quick dining room.

I have not been to a Mr. Quick restaurant for at least 40 years. I moved to Canada 33 years ago and they don't have Mr. Quick restaurants here. And I hope these tid bits if history are of interest to you. Vaughn and I have just recently reconnected and we have been talking about the days when we worked together at Mr. Quick - bringing back all kinds of memories.

Thanks so much, Linda Case

Rock Island Argus, Thursday June 8th, 1967 ...


The newest Mr. Quick drive-in restaurant at 30th St and 14th Ave Rock Island, will have its grand opening tomorrow, Saturday and Sunday.

Featuring a char-broiled burger as its main item, the restaurant offers a predominately sandwich menu with indoor eating facilities for 64 as well as other facilities on an outdoor patio.

INSPECT NEW ENTERPRISE - After a meeting late yesterday afternoon the board of directors and stockholders of the new Mr. Quick drive-in restaurant at 30th St. and 14th Ave Rock Island, made a tour of the newly erected business establishment. Shown from left are Chris Malwald, architect and vice president of the firm. Charles Agnew, vice president in charge of leases and locations. James Bergren, manager and franchisee. Paul Womack, president of Mr. Quick and Harold Rasmussen, the landlord.

The 2,160 square-foot layout includes 900 square feet in the dining area which is air-conditioned. The glass brick and ceramic tile structure is adjacent to an off street parking lot with facilities for 48 vehicles.

Jim Bergran 3135 1/2 23rd St., Moline is general manager of the new facility. His partners are Stanley and Anthony Banaszek of East Moline and Sen. Donald Carpentier, East Moline.

The Rock Island facility is the 20th to open nationally. The headquarters of Mr. Quick are located at 3158 23rd Ave., Moline and the national franchise was secured in August 1965 by a group including Paul Womak, East Moline, Chris Malwald and Charles Agnew, Rock Island. Virgil Bozeman and William Gresham, Moline and Helen Williams, Silvis.

Similar facilities are scheduled soon in Muskegon, Mich., Iowa City, LaSalle, Burlington, and two in Scott County. There already is a Mr. Quick in East Moline.

Mr. Quick on North Broadway in Pittsburgh.

Mr. Quick buildings on Google Maps

Miami, Oklahoma

Indianola, Iowa

Fairfield, Iowa

South Beloit, Illinois - notice the original Mr. Quick HAMBURGERS sign

403 West Main, Peoria, Illinois

2482 Jacksboro Hwy., Fort Worth, Texas

1871 Cranston, Beloit, Wisconsin

391 Pipeline, Fort Worth, Texas

414 Euless, Fort Worth, Texas

3251 Mansfield, Fort Worth, Texas

03/17/2009 ... Here’s the former Mr. Quick now doing business as La Gondola Spaghetti House!

914 N Henderson St
Galesburg, IL

- Shawn Call

04/07/2009 ... My brother, Larry Quick, who is included in your guest book, e-mailed me about your site a few months ago. I told him of the Mr. Quick's in Danville, Illinois.

I moved to Danville in September of 1977 to start a radio station, WDNL(D-102), a new FM top 40 station which went on the air in late 1977. One of our first advertisers was Mr. Quick's Hamburgers located at Fairchild and Jackson Street in Danville. Of course I remembered the one on Oakland in Decatur where my family frequented often.

Unfortunately, within just a few months, Mr. Quick closed. I felt like I lost a relative. Having the name Quick not withstanding.

It was left vacant for a time, but over the last 20 years or so, it became home to Warren's Vacuum Cleaners. My wife and I bought a vacuum there several years ago, just because I wanted to go back into the building again.

Attached is a picture I took of the building from April of 2009....yet another former Mr. Quick's!

Doug Quick

04/27/2009 ... Sure enjoy the web site about Mr Quick, I remember going to the one here in Chanute, KS in the early 70's...I ran across this 6 inch Mr Quick advertising ruler recently. - Peggy Myers

Special thanks to Robby Delius for finding the Mr. Quick sugar package on flickr by turtle sniffer.

06/12/2009 ... Hi my name is Brett & I remember my parents driving up to the car hop Mr Quick in Peoria on Main St. I would love to find out who supplied the onion rings as they were the best I ever had. Thank you - Brett

06/21/2009 ... Hi.

I remember visiting my Grandmother in Tuscola, Illinois, and well remember going to Mr. Quick for a quick burger and fries with her on many occasions. The restaurant was located on Route 36 on the south side of town. We would drive there together in Grandmother's snazzy Galaxy 500...cream exterior, red interior. I wish I had photos to share, but alas, I do not, just my memories.

Arthur B.

06/27/2009 ... I do not have any photos but there was also a Mr. Quick here in Miami, Oklahoma. The building is still here and I believe a donut shop has went in now.

Thanks for the website, it is really neat to look back at the photos.


08/01/2009 ... Scruggs off the Route Photography wrote;

I worked at Mr. Quick in Miami Ok. It was in 1998 and I worked there for about 3 months. The location is now 'The Donut Palace' no major changes have been made to the building. When I worked there I worked day shifts so not much went on. The manager at the time was a taskmaster. During the lunch rush we would have 5 to 6 people working 2 on registers, 1 in drive thru, 2 on fryers and dressing sandwiches and 1 on the broiler. That's the job I got most of the time - placing the meat on the conveyor belt. Being the newest person there I got the mopping and bathroom dutys. The shifts were 3 to 5 hr's a day 6 to 7 days a week. They liked to call me in on my days off. The uniforms included a yellow polo style shirt and ball cap with the Mr. Quick logo on them.

The one thing I do remember is skipping school and going to Joplin, Mo. & stopping at Mr.Quick and geting cheese burgers for 20 or 25 cents and water thinking how fun it was not to be in school.

08/03/2009 ... Scott Sanders wrote;


I had one Mr. Quick matchbook cover in my collection that I thought you might like, so I scanned a copy of it for you.


Scott Sanders

08/27/2009 ... Bob C. wrote;

I was visiting your site and reading about the different locations. I noticed it says the location in Sterling, Illinois is torn down. That is not true. I drive by the old restaurant almost every day. it is now a title loan business but if one looks at the rear of the building the paint is peeling and the original siding of Mr Quicks is visible. Just thought I would pass this on. I am sure this to be true because I used to eat there a lot when I was in High School in the 60's. Thanks for sharing the memories. Bob C.

08/27/2009 ... Hi! I'm an architectural historian, constantly trying to track down buildings, or their sites as most of the buildings or businesses I'm looking for are now gone. One of the places I was looking for was an old restaurant back in the 40's that served "chicken in the rough" which was from what I've learned, an early version of a KFC. It was a process that was patented so only one restaurant in a city could have the title attached to the name of the restaurant. When I found the site there was a building there, but not the one I was looking for. I talked to the man who owns it, now empty, and he said it had been a restaurant a long time ago, but wasn't sure of date. A sign out on the road next to it was pretty broken up (as you can see in photo) but I could make out the "chicken" while the rest of the sign showed the vestiges of various other businesses. But it had a distinct molecular looking thing on top that I wasn't sure about. So I took a bunch of photos.

Tonight while going through some copies of old plans that I have, I found one of a Mr. Quick, that was at this site (along with the funny sign), and found your website. I thought Mr. Quick was a Mr. Quick Lube place, but learned otherwise. Here are the photos I took of the building and sign. The info says it was built by Pima Steel Building Co. (some sort of pre-fab building) and the approval date from the city was July, 1962.

I called the library and they looked it up, and though she mistakenly grabbed the 1973 instead of the 1963 city directory it does show that Mr. Quick was at the same address as the building in the photo, and matches the plan I have that reads "Drive-In "Mr Quick", July 6, 1962. So it was here at least until 1973. There was another Mr. Quick out on the other end of town also. Perhaps the changes to the building (the thing I noticed different from the original plan were the front doors instead of the side entrances) were made later. I went back and looked at the photos on your site and there are two buildings that have the similar "bent" roof, the one on Adams St. in Peoria, and the St Louis one. Also, I think the sign may be missing the the top angled piece, but the one that's still there, just under the atom topper looks like it could have been the bottom piece that angled up.

Thanks for having a wonderful site and completing the history for me on this neat old building! I will be happy to let you know if the gentleman is able to resurrect a restaurant in the old Mr. Quick. It would be a nice tribute!


Catherine Westergaard

Above, an incredible shot by Catherine of Mr. Quick's classic walk-up 1962 location. Below, even more amazing, the original atom at the top of the vinage Mr. Quick sign which is now covered with layers of post-Mr. Quick signage.

Next, incredibly, Catherine presents the Tucson Mr. Quick 1962 blueprint! Click on the image to see a larger view.

09/22/2009 ... Pete Collins wrote;

One,one double,one double cb,one texas burger,one golden o, and one, please. What does that tell you?

Mr Quick was my first job. I started with them in my freshman year in Irving Tx. Starting pay was, I believe 1.40 an hour. This would have been about 1974. They were unique in that, as an employee working "the front line" you had to memorize the menu. When a customer placed an order you then had to "call it back" to the cooks on the "back line" They would then "call it back to the front line ( to verify ).

The menu had an order or cadence, starting with the first single burger and proceeded up the menu ending with the onion ring and then the french frys.

I cant believe you have a website about this place. I worked there about a year and a half ending as assistant manager in the 10th grade.

I could really tell you some stories. The Irving store ( as you probably know ) was recently demolished. It had been a number of restaurants since Mr Quick. You really brought back some memories.

Just wondering, do you hear from past employees from this place often?

Thanks for a really nice website.

Mr. Quick white ash tray auctioned on ebay September 2009 by rarefynde

If you have any memories or pictures of Mr. Quick, please email me!